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Who’s your mummy? Cairo offers a trip for the ages

A bucket-list trip to Cairo and a five-star Waldorf Astoria hotel to boot? From pyramids to the market, here’s how to do the Egyptian capital in style

Jing Lusi: “Crazy Rich Asians became a watershed moment”

From Crazy Rich Asians to Argylle, Jing Lusi is a stalwart of blockbuster cinema. Her new role in ITV's 30,000ft thriller Red Eye is set to be just as successful. She talks stereotypes, severe spring cleaning, and her new passion for screenwriting

“I was going to either run for Prime Minister or end up in prison.” Wallis Day is going global

Wallis Day is a multi-talented British actress with a speciality in superheroes. This year, she’s going blockbuster in the highly anticipated Red Sonja

Barcelona EDITION brings the cool to Catalonia

Heading to Barcelona? Stay at the Barcelona EDITION to ensure your accommodation is as sexy as the surrounding city – and make sure you take a cocktail on the roof

46 London restaurants you must visit

Our roundup of the best London restaurants you must visit – whether due to the quality of their food, their storied history or their sheer popularity

Discover the magic of Monet with Le Meurice

Legendary Paris hotel Le Meurice offers walking art tours for guests to experience the work of Claude Monet and his fellow Impressionists. You'll have a magical two hours

Bernard Cornwell: the remarkable story of a literary warlord

From Anglo-Saxon England to the Napoleonic War, Bernard Cornwell is the master of the historical thriller. Yet his own life story is as remarkable as his fiction.

Experience the magical magnificence of Marrakech

The city of Marrakech is a wonderful holiday destination – whether you stay at a boutique riad or a luxury hotel. To make life easy, we've profiled one of each for you

Amelia Eve: “If I wasn’t walking dogs or acting, I’d join the circus”

Amelia Eve is a true original. A successful actress who also runs the best dog-walking business in South London. We go exploring with her in the park

Pavyllon London is a peerless restaurant

Pavyllon London is the latest opening from legendary chef Yannick Alléno. Head to the Four Seasons Park Lane for a restaurant to take the breath away

“It’s crazy to be alive!” | Talking life, the universe and everything with Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis is a private soul who shuns the spotlight – but with a lead role in the blockbuster TV adaption of Shōgun, the spotlight may find him regardless. We talk to him about everything from celestial navigation to the insignificance of life on Earth

Stephen Moyer: “I was burning the candle at the ends and in the middle”

Stephen Moyer is best known as the vampire Bill from True Blood. Now the English actor is playing a crime boss in the TV prequel Sexy Beast. He talks stage fright, Wrexham and dream trucks

The Mitre Hampton Court is a riverside dream of a hotel

Hotels rarely come more idyllic than The Mitre Hampton Court. A storied history, the river Thames outside your window and a literal palace across the road

Hit up Hollywood with Mama Shelter LA

Heading to Hollywood? Mama Shelter Los Angeles offers the perfect base to explore one of the world's most famous neighbourhoods. The rooftop view isn't bad, either...

Photographer David Yarrow: “We flew a wolf first class from Los Angeles”

From recreating Hollywood moments to capturing nature at its most epic, David Yarrow is a master of setting the scene. We meet the fund manger turned fine art photographer – with a little cameo from Bill Nighy

42 at Gymkhana serves up life-affirming cocktails

Indian fine-dining restaurant Gymkhana has opened an upstairs cocktail lounge, 42. The result is just as classy as you'd expect

Dram Bar is a unique and wonderful Tardis of a bar

Dram Bar is a unique addition to the London bar scene. Enjoy wonderful bespoke cocktails and a whisky selection to make your eyes water. There's even a pool table out back...

Snails, steak and Soho? L'Escargot is magnifique!

London’s oldest French restaurant, L'Escargot has served Soho diners for nearly 100 years. C'est magnifique!

London's best MMA gyms

UFC is growing in popularity by the day – so why not try mixed martial arts for real? Even if you don't reach the Octagon, you'll have fun and get fit, fast. These are the best MMA gyms in London

The Grove Hotel offers mansions and magic

Fancy a winter break? The Grove Hotel and Spa in Hertfordshire offers a bucolic paradise barely forty minutes commute from London