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Olivia Cooke: "Showing vulnerability doesn’t mean a lack of masculinity”

Olivia Cooke has established herself as a star of film and TV on both sides of the Atlantic – and she’s still only 26.

Hell and back: Isaac Chamberlain wants the world

Isaac Chamberlain rose from drug deals in Brixton to headlining the O2 Arena at 23 years old. Then everything went wrong… Max Williams hears how he fought his way back from hell

Bindas Eatery: Indian street food comes to Mayfair

Serving up delicious Indian street food in a colourful venue, a trip to Bindas Eatery will leave you with a smile on your face and a full belly

"Amplify us. Elevate us. Protect us. Honour us." Brandon Kyle Goodman is speaking for our souls

Actor. Writer. Activist. In the months since the killing of George Floyd, Brandon Kyle Goodman has used Instagram to tackle complicated subjects and partake in difficult conversations.

Meet the man who wants to help train your brain

Dan Murray-Serter has launched a new mental health podcast Working In. The first guest? None other than Stephen Fry...

The Bar Necessities: Madison London

Didn't make the trip to Ibiza this year? Madison London offers a decent approximation, with much less hassle and added St Paul's

Manteca is a restaurant to cherish

Offering affordable Italian food that doesn't skimp on the taste, Manteca is a restaurant worth treasuring. Get yourself down to Soho...

Legendary Milanese restaurant Giannino has arrived in Mayfair

Giannino Mayfair marks the first opening of the legendary Giannino restaurant outside of its native Italy. With the Milanese restaurant dating back more than 120 years, class and quality are assured...

Ramla Ali is ready to shake up the world

Vogue covers. Nike campaigns. Film biopics. Olympic gold...? Ramla Ali is set to become the new queen of world boxing – but her life outside the ring is even more extraordinary. We speak to a true trailblazer

Pablo Escobar, a British spy, their shared son, and the missing millions

Here’s a pitch: the son of a teenage Pablo Escobar is adopted by the real-life James Bond. Except it really happened. Max Williams speaks to Roberto Sendoya Escobar about a life like no other

Sebastiano Pigazzi: "I remember crying for days"

We Are Who We Are actor Sebastiano Pigazzi on his acting inspirations, his aborted career as a poet, and his lost childhood pacifier in this latest Life / Style

Tom Ellis | Devil on the side of the angels

How does a child of the church end up playing the Devil? And can he help us escape the hell of 2020? Tom Ellis speaks to Max Williams about the war for the world’s soul

"When someone comes through my door, they leave their problems behind." Enter Papa L's Kitchen with Lawrence Gomez

He's worked at some of the biggest restaurants in London, and cooked for celebrities and royalty. Now Lawrence Gomez is returning to his roots with PAPA L’s KITCHEN – an African-fusion pop-up in West Brompton that serves up an eight-course tasting menu. Once you've tried it, you'll wish there were 18...

The Laundry is bringing the buzz to Brixton

The Laundry has quickly established a reputation for one of the best culinary spots in South London – and once you've spent a leisurely evening drinking cocktails on its terrace, the appeal is easy to understand

Hugh Harris: "David Bowie left us so much treasure"

Ahead of his debut solo album, The Kooks guitarist Hugh Harris talks about visiting Dumbledore's grave with his daughter, the inspirational David Bowie and his idea for a inclusive members' club

Cameron Gellman: "I speak Labrador Retriever"

Stargirl actor Cameron Gellman on the advice he'd give his younger self, learning from co-star Neil Jackson and the lost jacket that he misses from his wardrobe

Photographer: David Higgs | Grooming: Emily Zempel | Styling: Wilford Lenov

JP Cooper: "I lost to SpongeBob SquarePants in a half marathon"

Musician JP Cooper on his second album, founding his own brewery and his favourite outfits in this latest Life / Style

Red Hot: a story of sex, drugs, and gingers

Thomas Knights founded Red Hot to fight the stereotype of the ginger male. The project went global – yet its creator couldn't escape his inner darkness...

Tom Hopper: "I have a pair of CK underpants that I can't throw away"

Handsome man and all-round unit, Tom Hopper would make you feel bad about yourself if he wasn't such a damn nice guy. We spoke to The Umbrella Academy star about modelling for Men's Health, his inspiration Arnold Schwarzenegger and his treasured Breitling watch

Scott Eastwood: Made In America

He drives a pick-up truck. He shoots movies with a broken ankle. He prefers a Texan ranch to an LA mansion. Scott Eastwood is the least Hollywood of film stars – and a damn nice guy to boot