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Clive Standen: "I once got headbutted by a great white shark"

Former Viking, currently a member of the Council of Dads – the great Clive Standen talks TV, lockdown and the joys of family in another edition of Lockdown Life

DJ Zinc: "I’d like to be locked down with a hybrid of Bill Bryson and Scarlett Johansson"

DJ Zinc is still searching for the perfect bassline – but he has his dream lockdown partner figured out...

Ed Jackson: "It was only three years ago that I had to spend nearly four months in hospital"

We spoke to one of the most inspirational men in the UK – rugby player turned paraplegic turned mountaineer / broadcaster / charity activist Ed Jackson – on his tips for getting through the lockdown

Dax: "Lockdown is a big opportunity for the cream of the crop to rise"

"I truly believe it is a big opportunity for the cream of the crop to rise and separate themselves from the pack in multiple fields." Dax isn't messing around when it comes to lockdown. Judging by his success to date, our man is walking the walk...

Liam Payne vs Lando Norris? The unprecedented appeal of esports

In recent weeks, millions of people have turned to esports for their sporting fix. We spoke to Team Veloce co-founder Jamie MacLaurin about how the industry is coping with this unexpected opportunity – and what happens next...

Franky Wah: "The first time I sat on Santa's lap, I bit him!"

Franky Wah talks Tiger King, the release of his new mixtape and his dream lockdown partner – a great shout...

Jack Fowler: "Life has been 100mph since Love Island"

Everybody's favourite islander has turned pop star with the release of his debut single. We caught up with Jack Fowler to discuss music, lockdown life, and his ideal isolation companions

Jo Hartley: "I despise washing cutlery"

We spoke to the fantastic Jo Hartley about how she's coping with the lockdown. Step one: get off that rocking chair!

Sam Keeley: "There is a healthy amount of PlayStation happening"

Irish actor Sam Keeley may be self-isolating in Iceland but the lockdown experience is universal. We, too, are looking forward to our next communal beer...

Frank Smith: "Barry Hearn has been a huge inspiration to me"

Frank Smith, CEO of Matchroom Boxing, shares his tips on getting through lockdown – and a little bit about his working day-to-day (which normally involves a lot more travelling)

Jordan Alexander: "I would want to be locked down with Kendrick Lamar"

Singer, songwriter and actress Jordan Alexander shares what the lockdown life is like in Toronto. We really are all in this together...

Max Chilton: "I spend as much time as possible in the garden"

From the race course to the kitchen... Indy Series driver Max Chilton tells us how he's adjusting to life in the slow lane

"Now is the perfect time to start something new." Home workout tips from Shaun Stafford

Struggling to keep up with your exercise routine? We spoke to fitness expert Shaun Stafford for his best home workout tips during lockdown

Ant Saunders: "The new Animal Crossing is highly addictive"

Rising star, serious musical talent, avid player of Animal Crossing – Ant Saunders tells us a little bit about his life and a little bit about his lockdown...

Stuart Martin: "My wife thinks I'm a weirdo"

We spoke to Scottish actor Stuart Martin about new detective show Miss Scarlet and the Duke, the peerless Billy Connelly, and life in the lockdown...

A love letter to... Chess

It's been around for thousands of years, and is played by millions of people around the world – including historical figures such as Napoleon, Lenin and John Wayne. Thanks to the internet, chess has never been more accessible. Here's why you should take it up...

Everything you need for the ultimate games room

Lockdown mightn't be a game but everything else can be... Here's what you need for the ultimate games room to alleviate the boredom of the coming days / weeks / months / dear God please not years

A love letter to... Detectorists

The first of a new series celebrating the things we love... Sweet and life-affirming and palpably in love with nature in all its forms, Detectorists is the perfect show for these troubled times...

Kevin Guthrie: "The first couple of days have been a bit surreal"

From the publication that brought you Me And My London, please welcome the slightly revised version – Me And My Lockdown. First up, Scottish actor Kevin Guthrie shares his story, and a few isolation tips...

The best pool tables in the world

We've rounded up the best and coolest pool tables on the planet – from unique shapes to futuristic designs, you'll want them all