It’s no secret that Cognac has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, thanks to bars and new brands putting the grape spirit back on the radar.

First featured in Jerry Thomas' 1862 Bon Vivant's Companion – widely regarded as the world's first cocktail recipe book – Cognac helped to shape London's up-and-coming cocktail scene in the late 19th and early 20th century, as a key ingredient on the cocktail menus of the new American-style bars.

Fast forward to 2023, and Cognac and Cognac-based cocktails are experiencing a renaissance, which you can discover for yourself at the capital's award-winning Cognac Show this March.

Presented by fine spirits retailer The Whisky Exchange, the tasting event features over 150 Cognacs to sip and savour over two days, to help Cognac lovers and novices alike discover all there is to love about the renowned region and its produce.

Taking over Glaziers Hall in London on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 March, visitors will have the choice of more than 150 Cognacs to sample, including 30 Cognac houses, with more than 40 different brands, as well as some guest appearances from other great French spirits, Calvados and Armagnac.

Guests will be able to taste familiar favourites including Remy Martin and Hine Cognac, as well as smaller producers such as Jean-Luc Pasquet.

The team from world-renowned Cognac-based Bar Luciole will be stirring up delicious cocktails designed especially for the show, to highlight how versatile Cognac can be. Cocktails include the Dandy featuring Frapin 1270, vermouth and Maraschino – and the Sarment Old Fashioned with Rémy Martin. A ticket to the show includes two complimentary cocktails.

Punters will also be able to dive deeper into the glorious world of Cognac by attending masterclasses over the two days, with topics spanning from the introductory “Everything you wanted to know about Cognac but were afraid to ask” hosted by Dawn Davies MW to a deep dive into the history and changing character of one of the best-respected houses in “Martell: Heritage at its Heart” hosted by The Whisky Exchange Co-founder Sukhinder Singh and Old and Rare Spirits Buying Manager Jason Vaswani.

The schedule also includes sessions on Vintage Armagnac and the regions of Cognac as well as a blind battle of the aged spirits to round off our show.

A chance to try the very best bottles, the Dream Pours are the epitome of a producer’s range, showcasing just what an incredible spirit Cognac can be. From the lingering intensity of Hardy’s Lalique Winter and Hermitage’s 60 Year Old Marie Louise to the beguiling perfume of de Beaulon there is a pour that promises to delight every guest of our show.

Cognac show
Cognac show

Tickets to Cognac Show start at £50 and include more than 150 Cognacs to sample and your own tasting glass, alongside two complimentary cocktail tokens and a Dream Pour token. 

In short, this show is heaven for Cognac connoisseurs and curious novices alike. Don't miss out – grab your tickets today.

Cognac Show is on from 5.30pm-9.30pm on Friday 10 March and noon-6pm on Saturday 11 March at Glaziers Hall. Tickets and more information can be found at