In my pursuit of the Healthiest Breakfast in The City, my next stop was a no brainer… When you think about a typical “fitness breakfast”, one of the first things that springs to mind is steak and eggs. And what better place to try this signature fitness dish than one of The City’s top steak joints, Hawksmoor?

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This branch was located on Basinghall Street, just a stone's throw from The Guildhall, and really keeps this feel of heritage and tradition going in the décor and feel. Dark wood panels and comfy seats gives the impression that a lot of big money City deals have been sealed in this establishment, over a large chunk of red meat and a reassuringly expensive glass of red wine.

For my healthy breakfast, I went for the 200g fillet steak with poached eggs, homemade potato hash, asparagus, mushrooms… all finished off with a half a pink grapefruit and large green tea.

The steak was lean (and perfectly cooked), giving over 40grams of protein, with the asparagus providing an excellent source of folate, chromium and vitamins A, C and K. The potato hash provided a low calorie (your average potato only has 110 calories) and high fibre carbohydrate source, whereas the pink grapefruit helps boost your blood pressure and heart health by harnessing the powerful nutrient combo of potassium, lycopene and choline.

You wash all this down with a good cup of green tea (packed full of flavonoids and catechins for boosting fat loss), and you’ll definitely walk out feeling in a much better place than when you walked in.

Also, one of the best things about this menu is that it is completely customisable: you start with the bedrock of steak and eggs and then add what you want from the list of sides to build your ideal breakfast. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your meal to fit your health and fitness needs, building up from the delicious and high protein foundation of a solid steak and eggs breakfast, cooked just the way you like them.

Hawksmoor is a popular breakfast spot with City types so booking is recommended: