Walking into The Collective is a little like walking into a very upmarket, East London-ified US university student block.

It's sleek, modern, filled with twentysomethings chilling on what look like human-sized chess pieces – but there's an unfinished edge to it, like the reception desk not quite being fully painted, that means it feels young, fresh and a bit cool.

All of which you see before you've even got to the lift to reach the 20th, and top, floor to enjoy the food being served by newcomer restaurant and bar, Mthr. As well as the stunning views, which make for a refreshing change from the standard London skyline.  

The menu is broken up into sharing, small, large and family sharer plates – and although fairly small, the range of dishes has a lot going for it. For two, we'd recommend ordering two sharing plates, a small plate or two, one large and one family sharer. If you're vegetarian or vegan, though, it'll be two larges and no family sharer. 

Speaking of – veggies and vegans rejoice because there is much to be desired, especially if you're not doing Veganuary and can bury your head in the sand (if that sand is cheese). 

The spiced tomato macaroni with feta was tasty and light, and the camembert croquettes were as gooey and delicious as they come. But the moussaka, and we can't stress this enough, was delicious. Creamy, tasty and the perfect size. Oh, and to top it off – literally – it's vegan. The oat cheese topping tasted like melting mozzarella and can't come recommended enough.

The pork shoulder is also an impressive feat, which comes Henry 8th-style and ready to be carved (or cut with a knife and fork if you're boring). Seafood options are also endless.

Unmatched views are complemented by the hipster-slick interior, with dim lighting and a warehouse-esque vibe to really set Mthr apart from the rest. And if you fancy a dip pre or post-dinner, The Collective's sky pool is just next door and is as picturesque as it sounds.

Put simply, Mthr and The Collective are here to stay. So if you find yourself asking: "Mother may I?" the answer is yes, yes you absolutely may. And you should.

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