Sun, sea, and tapas – the core ingredients to any classic British summer holiday. Unfortunately, it’s only March and the promise of escaping this glacial weather is far beyond our horizons. But if you’re searching for an Iberian escape for one night only, look no further than BiBo Shoreditch.

A restaurant situated in the hipster haven of the capital, it is close to home and only about 20 degrees (celsius) of separation from your favourite holiday destination. At least you won’t have to dodge disapproving looks from locals.

Promising sophisticated Spanish cuisine, it is the brainchild of famed Andalucian chef, Dani García, champion of three Michelin stars. It serves up show stopping sharing platters and delicious tapas, the OG small plates.

What’s the vibe?

BiBo boasts an authentic Spanish dining experience with a cosmopolitan twist fit for hungry Londoners. Basically, it swapped traditional rustic designs for instagram worthy decor that will attract influencers like a moth to a flame. Even the menu could be used as a prop, wrapped in a beautiful vintage floral fabric.

You can also take a 3D tour of the restaurant online to mark the best spots for your ever so candid photographs. But be sure not to look directly at the camera, you don’t want people to think you’re trying too hard. And as they haul out the supersize bowls of paella, you might be blinded by the frantic flash of cameras fighting to get the perfect shot.

Bibo Shoreditch

Bathed in warm peachy tones and fitted with wicker chandeliers, it oozes a sexy laid-back atmosphere. The upbeat pop music brings a light-hearted feel that makes BiBo the perfect place to bring a first date. Not too romantic and just loud enough to fill in those painfully awkward silences.

If you’re looking to impress, they also offer a private dining experience fit for work parties that let you mix a little business with play. Tucked beneath the main floor of the restaurant, it offers some refuge from noisy diners while you butter up clients with a glass of verdejo and green olives.

What to order?

Although BiBo’s decor is fit for those who care more about where they eat than what they eat, the food is worth the hype.

Patatas Bravas are easy to overlook on a menu when you’re dining out. Why get something as simple as fried potatoes and tomato sauce? But BiBo has mastered the art of this Spanish classic - the deep fried potatoes melt in your mouth as you bite into the succulent golden crumb coating. Each potato comes with a dollop of sour cream and lashings of the spiced Brava sauce bursting with flavour.

On the note of great classics, the padron peppers will repair your relationship with the often disappointing bitter starter served at less authentic establishments. They are coated in a layer of flaky sea salt, a faithful light bite to pair with a crisp white wine from their menu.

Bibo Shoreditch

Certain ventures outside of staple dishes fell a little short. The glazed aubergine was too thinly sliced to savour and the broccoli scattered on top was dry and overcooked. But fear not vegetarians, their broccoli and kale salad redeems their misstep by offering a surprisingly flavourful and succulent salad drizzled with salty sesame mayo.

To top it all off, chocolate mousse topped with freshly whipped cream and homemade biscuit crumble is a must if you can stomach it. She’s a big one, better suited to a table of at least four people but the flavours will transport you right back to childhood.

For cocktails, I’d recommend the Mrs Violet – gin, elderflower, lemon, and soda water - its light and refreshing taste will pair perfectly with the hordes of salt you’re sure to consume in one sitting. And in keeping with the Roald Dahl theme, the Willy Wonka Negroni will pack a punch if you like something on the stronger side. It’s borderline medicinal but the sweet notes topped with a chocolate surprise on top balances out the flavour nicely.

Bibo Shoreditch

What’s the damage?

Despite its killer location, BiBo still leans on the pricier side. The broccoli and kale salad comes in at £15 and octopus paella for two reaches £75. Not even their cocktails dodge the hefty East Central price tag at an average of £15 each. But they are well worth the penny with the restaurant pulling out all the stops to make sure the cocktails match the top class flavours of their Spanish cuisine.

Anything else to add?

Although BiBo modelled itself on laid-back Spanish dining, it’s still arguably the most stylish place in London so don’t make a fool of yourself in a t-shirt. Think less Hawaiian button-up and more Stone Island jumper that your mum picked up for you at Christmas.

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45 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PT; BiBo Shoreditch.