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For the ultimate home upgrades, Siemens’ new inductionAir Plus and EQ fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines make ideal investments for your kitchen

If 2020 has underscored anything, it’s the importance of your home – of making the space in which you live work for you, especially now you have to work in it, too.

For some, that’s meant extensions or conversions – all costly, time consuming and disruptive. But there are other simpler, more elegant ways to upgrade your home. Ones that will make your day that much better, your experience of living that much sweeter.

This is where Siemens Home Appliances comes in. Siemens is the master of making the everyday special – bringing form to function.

With more than a century of experience developing state-of-the-art technology packaged in beautiful design, it’s really rather good at it. Indeed, Siemens has taken home more than 350 design awards in the past decade alone.

The highly innovative brand has some exciting new ranges out now, which offer great investments for your home.

Siemens inductionAir Plus

Bog-standard extractor hoods are flawed in so many ways: they can block the view of an otherwise open plan kitchen; they stop you from being able to see and work easily above the hob; and they’re so elevated above the actual cooking action they fail in their most basic duty – that of extraction. And that’s before you even consider problem of noise.

More than ever, the hob is the heart of the home, so you want to make sure you get it right.

Siemens has the perfect solution: the new inductionAir Plus [pictured] – combining a top-class induction hob with a fully integrated ventilation unit.

The extractor fits flush with the glass ceramic cooking surface resulting in a flat, elegant design giving your kitchen island block a stunning minimalist appearance.

Its climateControl sensor constantly measures the vapour and odour load, automatically adjusting the ventilation level, so it only works as hard as is absolutely necessary.

And thanks to the iQDrive motor, with its brushless mechanics, all this high performance comes with low decibels. There’ll be no more shouting over the fan to find out what your guests want to drink.

The inductionAir Plus makes cooking a cinch, too, with its flexible cooking zones and intelligent sensor technology

The inductionAir Plus makes cooking a cinch, too, with its flexible cooking zones and intelligent sensor technology. You can opt for flexInduction, which automatically recognises the size and shape of your cookware – from small pans all the way up to giant roasting tins.

With powerMove Plus, you can divide your hob into three heat zones: fry in front, simmer in the middle, warm at the back. Perfect if you’re serving up a multi-course feast.

The fryingSensor Plus function brings and keeps your pan at the ideal temperature; and the cookingSensor Plus checks the temperature and adjusts it accordingly, so overboiling your pasta will be a thing of the past.

As no external extractor hood is required, you can align your kitchen island to give an unobstructed view of the living area. And as Siemens has created a model size that can be fitted into a 60cm base cabinet, they’ll slip right into pretty much any kitchen layout.

The inductionAir Plus variants are available in both ducted and recirculation extraction configurations, suiting both classic kitchen planning as well as floating islands installed entirely without air ducts.

All this adds up to a better experience – for you, your family and your guests.

Siemens EQ Coffee Machine Range

For coffee lovers, the importance of a good cup is difficult to overstate – especially one you can make in your own home. The concept is simple: barista-quality coffee from your own kitchen. But as you’ll have experienced from mainstream pod-based systems, it’s not simple to execute.

Siemens has put its considerable resources and design nous into solving that with its new EQ range of automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines.

The collection opens with the EQ300 – armed with a oneTouch function, you can make five different drinks ranging from a milky latte or shot of espresso, at the touch of a button.

Next is the EQ500, offering seven full-flavoured coffee specialties, which you can personalise by adjusting the strength of the bean, water temperature and milk volume via its full-colour touch display screen.

And at the top of the tree is the EQ9 – with the functionality to allow the most demanding guest to customise their favourite coffee by adjusting multiple settings. The range-topping EQ9 plus connect s700 even has online connectivity as well as the ability to pour two drinks at once.

The EQ range boasts a trove of innovative features. At the core is Siemens pioneering iAroma system, engineered to release the full aroma of each bean.

The sensoFlow intelligent heater ensures an optimal drink temperature is consistently achieved.

The high-performance ceramic grinder makes sure that coffee beans are ground to an even consistency, without burning the beans.

Even the water pressure and water flow speed are managed by a smart water pump. Every element of the set-up is focused on extracting the maximum possible flavour from the beans.

And crucially, when you’re done it’s easy to clean. The high-quality brewing unit can be easily removed to allow for fast and simple cleaning.

And for a real deep clean, the calc’nClean system provides a thorough clean and rinse, keeping your machine spotless inside, increasing the quality of the coffee and the product’s lifetime.

As with the inductionAir Plus, the EQ500 and EQ9 in particular are impressively quiet – allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: enjoying your newly upgraded home.

Visit Siemens online to find out more.