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Meal box like a baller | Wadadli Kitchen

Wadadli Kitchen was launched by host of Great British Menu Andi Oliver and brings a taste of the Caribbean to your plate

Wadadli Kitchen

The Caribbean may be off the cards for the next few months but Andi's Wadadli Kitchen is serving up feasting boxes for you to enjoy at home. 

A selection of award winning dishes are handpacked for your personal enjoyment – plus a few extra treats because why not? 

Wadadli Kitchen was launched by host of Great British Menu Andi Oliver and brings a taste of the Caribbean to your plate. Check out the offerings below. 

What do you get? 

Portions are available for either two, four or six. We got the two-person box but it spread between three very easily. The box includes: 

  • Spiced orange and ginger chicken wings
  • Gooey mac and cheese
  • Golden tamarind chicken thighs
  • Andi’s famous curry goat
  • Fried plantain
  • Crispy fries
  • Sweet potato rotis

How hard is the preparation?

Not super-hard – you just need to be good with your timings. Everything goes in the oven, other than the curry goat which requires a saucepan.

You can either serve up the dishes as they come out or stick some on the warmer to eat all at once.

Curried Goat

What’s the standout dish?

The curry goat is fantastic and fully deserving of its supposed fame. The chicken thighs are also very good, especially when paired with the accompanying pickles and roties.

Word of warning: the fries come with Scotch-bonnet salt, which in no circumstances should be applied in full. It’s very salty indeed.

What’s the availability?

Deliveries are available nationwide. Order by 3pm Monday for delivery on Friday.

What’s the cost?

The regular box is £58; four people is £98; six people is £138.

Anything else to note?

There’s a vegan feast box available for the non-carnivores. More info here.

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To order, visit https://wadadlikitchen.com/