Bright purple and capable of hitting some serious speed, the Joker’s car in the Suicide Squad film is as bold and eccentric as its driver. However while the car may resemble a Lamborghini experiencing a midlife crisis, the actual model is far less extravagant than you might expect.

The car in question is a Vaydor, a manufacturer which builds fiberglass body kits to fit over the framework of an Infiniti G35. Once completed, the unaltered chassis and 90% of the original car remain but the exterior is transformed, neatly complementing the transformation of the Joker. Essentially Vaydor is the Gok Wan of automobiles: turning smart, sensible vehicles into extroverted supercars.

The cost? Approximately £8,000, with a further £2,500 for full interior conversion. And you’ll need an Infiniti G35, assuming one doesn’t currently decorate your garage. It should be noted the purple isn’t mandatory, nor is being a homicidal clown.

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