When the time comes to change your pride and joy for another set of wheels, it’s very easy to make a mistake.

How many of us get another car that’s identical to the current one, although a different colour may be considered. What’s the point? Just stick with the one we’ve got.

We sometimes get the same sort of car or stick with our preferred manufacturer or local dealer. “Why did you get a four door saloon?” And the answer….“It’s what I’ve always had.”

And then there is the time when things can go seriously wrong. It’s the, ”I fancy something different,” moment.

At this point you are likely to go for a familiar name, but it’s also the time when you will probably overlook something rather tasty from one of the smaller manufacturers.

Take the Lexus RC for example. Lexus is a brand that doesn’t immediately jump out to a lot of folk. Pity, because Lexus continually wins awards for being utterly reliable and offering terrific customer service. Their build quality is top notch.

If you were in the pub and somebody told you they had a Lexus RC, there is a very strong possibility you won’t have the foggiest what it looks like. Well, browse through the photos here and you’ll quickly become aware that the Lexus RC is a seriously good looking coupé.

There are three versions available in the UK. Things kick off with the RC300h (£35,995), then there’s the RC 200t (£37,495), followed at the top of the range by the barnstorming V8 5.0 litre RC F (£60,495).

The RC 300h is a hybrid using an electric motor working in tandem with a 2.5 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine. This gives you a top speed of 118mph, 0-60 in 8.6 seconds and, if you go easily and make use of the hybrid system, you’ll get around 57mpg.

The RC 200t is quicker. It uses a 2.0 litre 241bhp turbocharged petrol engine (there are no diesel RC models) which reaches 143mph and hits 60 in 7.5 seconds. It’ll manage 38mpg.

If you want serious pace, then the V8 RC F is the one to aim for. This is a seriously fast car. 0-60 takes 4.5 seconds; it’ll rocket up to 168mph. Needless to say that it’s a tad thirsty but, actually, with 4969ccs and 465bhp under the bonnet, 26.8mpg is reasonable.

So, that’s the technical stuff, but what’s it like to live with? To start with, this will be a painless car to own. It doesn’t matter which Lexus you go for, it will give you trouble-free motoring. Don’t be put off by the comparatively high price; every Lexus is extremely well equipped and you won’t really need to dip into the extras bin. Goodies like sat nav, air con, electric heated seats etc, all come as standard no matter which model you choose. The RC will also hold onto its value. This car has slipped under the radar.

The interior is extremely smart with neat dials and quality materials throughout. There are some really neat touches too when it comes to lighting. There’s ambient lighting everywhere. The seats are terrific…supportive and comfortable. Okay, this is a four-seater coupé, but the seats in the rear are tight for adults. Your local Hobbit will be fine. Access is simple because the front seats slide forward electronically although they’re slow.

If you are looking for a swoopy coupé that’s different from the plethora of German badges, then you’ll love the Lexus RC. It’s not a sports car; it’s a classic GT Grand Tourer, long distance cruiser. It’s stunning to look at, fully equipped and will be 100% reliable.

You’ve just uncovered a hidden gem.

For more info, see lexus.co.uk