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The Alpine A110S is the best car to come out of France for years. Allez-y!

Civilised, stylish and full of fun, the new Alpine A110S isn’t just a cool car – it’s a stone-cold classic, says Graham Courtney

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed: chauffeurs need not apply

The Bentley Mulsanne was already one of the best cars to be driven in. With the Speed version, you'll want to get behind the wheel, too

The 10 best electric cars on the road

The tug of war between fossil fuel motors and their electric counterparts continues apace, but is it finally time to make the switch? Graham Courtney looks at the best options

The best new cars of 2019

Geneva is renowned as a key occasion in the motor show calendar, and the 89th edition was no different. Graham Courtney selects the most remarkable releases at this year’s event

Jaguar's XF Sportbrake is the consummate all-rounder – even with a diesel under the hood

The diesel engine may not be in vogue, but when it's Jaguar's 3.0-litre powerplant married with its accomplished Sportbrake, that's a hard combination to turn down

The Maserati Levante has found its sweet spot

A new 3.0-litre V6 petrol powerplant has been added to Maserati’s best-selling SUV range – and it’s the perfect combination of power and economy

The Aston Martin DB11 has gone topless for the summer

We put the brand new Aston Martin DB11 Volante to the test – and it proves a mightily accomplished convertible grand tourer

The new Mercedes-AMG G63 is downright irresponsible – and that’s why we love it

Graham Courtney gets behind the wheel of the new Mercedes-AMG G63 and falls for it, even though he knows he shouldn’t

The Lexus LC500 is a real head turner

As a seriously good, fast yet comfortable mile muncher, the Lexus LC500 takes some beating

Is the Mercedes CLS is as exciting as it looks?

The new version of the Mercedes CLS looks as distinctive as ever. Graham Courtney gets behind the wheel

Throwback: eight awesome cars from Geneva Motor Show 2016

Fancy a hot pair of wheels? Course you do. Feast your eyes on these beauties from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The Kia Stinger is the best-looking car that Kia has ever produced

The Kia Stinger is an incredibly bold move by the South Korean manufacturer but, if this is what its first attempt at a sporty, grand tourer, 5-door saloon is like, then bring it on

The best cars of the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

If it’s a new car worth its salt, then it’s on display at the Geneva International Motor Show. Graham Courtney selects this year’s finest offerings

The age of the super SUV: luxury brands get in on the 4x4 action

From Rolls-Royce to Lamborghini, everyone is jumping on the SUV bandwagon. Graham Courtney weighs up 2018's big hitters

The Honda Civic Type R is the best hot hatch on the road

The new Honda Civic Type R is the fastest front-wheel drive car to ever lap the Nürburgring. Graham Courtney gets behind the steering wheel

The Mercedes A Class AMG is a brilliant hot hatch

The new Mercedes A Class AMG boasts the most powerful engine in any car. Sort of

The updated Range Rover Sport is a whole lot of car – even with a 2.0-litre engine

Supercharged, spacious and a lot of fun. The latest Range Rover Sport has been given a host of upgrades which has made it better than ever

Pace with grace: the transformation of the Audi RS5

It's lost weight, gained speed and earned itself a seat at the big boys' table. The Audi RS5 means business.

The Volkswagen Golf R may be the ultimate Golf

If you want to be part of an exclusive crowd and can afford the premium price, you will love the Golf R

The Bentley Continental is an uncannily smooth ride

Bentley Continentals are a rather divisive models, but if you’re lucky enough to be able to have a blast down to the south of France, we couldn’t think of a better car to do it in