Unlike many headphones that force you to compromise between performance and convenience, Bathys offers the best of both worlds.

Focal’s award-winning design can be used wirelessly or wired, and with different levels of Active Noise Cancellation technology depending on whether you want to silence the world or just bring more focus to your day.

Comfort and style are also major considerations. Bathys is available in two elegant finishes: Black Silver, with its timeless shades of black, and Dune, with its neutral tones.

Bathys has been designed to be even more lightweight, compact, and supportive. These ergonomic headphones combine refined materials – such as magnesium on the yokes and real leather on the headband – resulting in outstanding comfort for any head shape.

Further French tailoring comes in with the clever software embedded in the accompanying App. Incorporating the acclaimed MiMi hearing test, this software allows Bathys users to map their hearing and adjust the performance of the headphones to match. You can further adjust the output to suit your style of music, too – these are headphones bespoke for you.

The innovation doesn’t end there. If you choose to connect Bathys in wired mode – via a USB-C connection that’s perfect for laptops, tablets, and the new iPhone – you can enjoy the headphones’ built-in 24bit/192kHz DAC. This opens up a world of high-resolution music streaming – something typically requiring additional hardware. With Bathys, it’s all fully integrated.

Focal Bathys
Focal Bathys

The wireless performance is exceptional, too – as Bathys’ many performance awards confirm – as is the crystal-clear call quality if you want to use the headphones for phone and video chats. There’s even Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control support.

You’ll want to listen for hours: something you can easily do, thanks to Bathys’ 30+ hour battery life. There’s even a fast-charge option that ensures you can power up your headphones in a hurry should you need to take an unexpected trip.

These considered touches are typical of Focal’s exceptional approach to everything it does. For 44 years, the French brand has been creating innovative loudspeakers and headphones, with its artisans honing them to perfection in Saint-Etienne, France. Focal’s unique acoustic expertise – combined with its rare and specialised manufacturing techniques and innovative patents – has seen it recognised by the French state as an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ or living heritage company.

Experience Bathys: elevate your listening to another level, wherever life takes you.

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