Kawasaki has added to its impressive EV range with the world’s first mass-produced hybrid motorbikes, the Ninja 7 Hybrid and Ninja Z 7 Hybrid

If you are looking for a cleaner, greener, and faster way to commute around town, then motorcycling giant Kawasaki might have just the solution for you.

Having long been a pioneer in the world of two wheels, the iconic brand has recently updated its range for 2024 with a host of eco-friendly vehicles designed for cities, including its first electric vehicles and the world’s first mass-produced hybrid motorbikes.

The electric revolution

Kawasaki Ninja e-1

Designed for urban roads, Kawasaki’s first EVs, the sporty-looking Ninja e-1 and unfaired Z e-1, are the perfect way to ditch the packed Underground, say goodbye to congested roads, and discover a cheaper way to commute.

The lightweight and nimble bikes feature a simple twist-and-go throttle and are A1 and A2 licence-friendly, ensuring that everyone, from complete novice riders to experienced motorcyclists, can enjoy the benefits of these eco-friendly machines.

Both the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 are powered by the same brushless motor, which is rated at 5kw (with a useful maximum of 9kw on demand), ensuring that riders will be able to zip through the busy city traffic with ease.

Alongside a charging point on the bike, both machines also feature an innovative removable twin-battery solution, allowing riders to remove the batteries and charge from a standard wall socket at home or in the office.

Kawasaki has also developed a groundbreaking walking mode to make manoeuvring through the bustling streets as straightforward as possible. This allows riders to easily move the bike as required, while a reverse function ensures that moving backwards up an incline or parking in a tight spot is as simple as possible.

Both machines offer a host of modern amenities, too, including a TFT meter with smartphone connectivity that relays riding status, range, the availability of the boost function, and the riding level selected (Road or Eco).

A world first

In addition to the two fully electric vehicles, Kawasaki also has the world’s first mass-produced hybrid bikes in its range. This includes the sporty, fully faired Ninja 7 Hybrid and the stylish Z 7 Hybrid. These revolutionary machines are set to transform the world of two wheels, offering the performance of a 700cc motorcycle with the fuel economy of a 250cc bike.

The 451cc parallel twin four stroke engine offers a choice of manual or automatic gearing, while a traction motor plus battery creates a new riding experience that is ideal for urban commutes and Sunday rides alike.

That riding experience is enhanced further thanks to three riding modes, Sport-Hybrid, Eco-Hybrid, and EV, with each offering a distinct riding character to cover a broad range of situations. For the meters, full-colour TFT instrumentation includes smartphone connectivity, providing up to date information for riders.

As with the two EV bikes, the hybrid versions are packed with a host of innovations, including idling stop function whereby the internal combustion engine stops at a halt to save fuel and reduce emissions plus Automatic Launch Position Finder (ALPF) which – when selected – automatically selects first gear at standstill plus a forward and reverse “walk mode” to aid low speed manoeuvring and parking.

he two motorcycles are also able to harvest energy through their regenerative system, contributing to an even longer cruising range.

Transforming your commute

Kawasaki Ninja e-1 and Z e-1

If you are tired of your commute and having to squeeze yourself into packed trains and buses, these four new motorcycles from Kawasaki offer an exciting alternative.

Fully ULEZ-compliant, the EV and hybrid machines provide an exciting alternative for navigating the urban jungle and suit riders of all experience levels, ensuring it has never been easier to get on two wheels.

These exciting new machines are available now from Kawasaki dealers across the UK, and you can find your nearest by visiting kawasaki.co.uk