Combining superior performance with cutting-edge technologies and design, the Kawasaki Z bikes have had a major impact on the history of high performance motorcycles.

The Z legend was born at the beginning of the 1970s with the release of the model that started it all – the Kawasaki Super Four model Z1.

Featuring advanced Kawasaki technology, the Z1 completely redefined the world of high-performing motorcycles. This is where it began and from then throughout the years, numerous models have joined the Z family including the Z1-R in the late 1970s.

During the 1980s, the Z series models earned a reputation worldwide not only as high-performing and durable bikes but also for their eye-catching stylish designs and colour schemes along with their rider-friendly handling qualities. In addition, the Z1000 was busy raking up countless racing wins further cementing their reputation as the ultimate motorcycles.

In the 1990s, Kawasaki’s need for speed was taken over by the Ninja range – resulting in a shift in focus for the Z empire. This brought more stunning designs and aimed to stimulate the senses through performance that could not be expressed by specifications alone.

At the turn of the century, a new machine christened with the Z name was born. With a powerful engine, lightweight chassis and a high-set handle bar, along came the Z1000 ‘Supernaked’. This bike called for a riding style that involved using the whole body, earning it a large number of fans everywhere. From then on, 2000s-era Z machines remained at the centre of the ‘Supernaked’ movement that blossomed in Europe and throughout the world.

The quest for the ultimate motorcycle has now been on-going for 50 years.

Kawasaki Super Four model Z1

The new Z flagship model in the range, the Z H2, is powered by a supercharged engine and sits at the pinnacle of the naked machine category.

However, the discerning motorcyclist of today doesn’t always focus on ultimate power and instead searches for that feeling of nostalgia, style and comfort.

The retro sports category is fast becoming one of the most popular scenes among today’s motorcyclists and Kawasaki’s Z900RS series is incredibly popular owing to its nod to the past of motorcycle classics.

It is this solid line-up which keeps Z models timeless and continue to run at the forefront of the times.

Kawasaki Z900RS SE

Excitingly, the extremely popular Z900RS SE or the ‘Yellow Ball’ has been released into the modern classic range of the Z family. With its stunning colour scheme as only part of the machine's draw, this model perfectly combines the spirit of retro and sport.

The Z900RS SE is perfect for those seeking a modern classic with the heritage to deliver yesterday’s values, yet still benefiting from technical features and suspension upgrades focused on today’s roads. Boasting an Öhlins rear shock and retuned front suspension, including other detail touches, collectively they match the visceral spirit of the previous Z legends.

Looks, show and go – the Z900RS SE has it all and it is available now, so visit or visit your local Kawasaki dealer to arrange a test ride on the latest in the Z dynasty.