We strive for more. Always. Growth is deeply embedded in human nature.

Those who consider themselves as successful know that there is always another level up. Our quest for high performance is a worthy driving force, the self-actualisation pinnacle displayed in the works of Maslow.

But how do we achieve it? How do we reach the next level and find that extra one percent?

The most successful coaches, those with clients delivering ongoing, tangible results, are embracing a paradigm shift to more ‘conscious coaching’.

Conscious coaching emphasises focused attention on mind, body, heart and spirit, the four holistic touchpoints behind refining and elevating your performance.

Alex Kergall


Think of your goal. How much do you want it? Honestly. If you “kind of” want it, feel that you “should” want it, it will be a difficult journey. If you crave your goal, live it, breathe it, your path will be much smoother and more rewarding as you progress. Assess the power of your own commitment -and revisit it regularly to keep that desire fuelled.


Do you adapt to the changes of the seasons? Or do you just keep going through the motions against the flow? Seasonal cycles affect us all, whether we like to admit it or not. We, as humans, like to believe that through our modern lifestyle, we are immune to the elements. In some respects, this is true; when it comes to high performance, it is not. There are optimal times of year to plan, times it is best to act. Measuring your current recovery and adjusting for seasonal cycles is a sure path to accelerate success and may be as simple as adjusting the order of a workflow.


We are built for connection. And yet, to truly succeed we assume we need to dominate the conversation, when in fact to connect and communicate effectively, dialogue must be mutually symbiotic. How often do you REALLY listen? Silence is interruptive. By adjusting your speaking ratio, you can learn more, connect more, and build a more successful team. As a rule of thumb, aim to talk for 25% of the time, and actively listen 75%.

By adjusting your speaking ratio, you can learn more, connect more, and build a more successful team.


Are you suffering from information overload? Digital resources have become a gateway that can enable high performance, but also leave us unable to hear what’s within. Do you have clarity of direction, or do you just react? Do you hear that intuitive voice inside or has it been drowned out in a sea of noise? 1+1 does not always equal 2 yet the narrative is that it must. Absorb the information out there but blend it with your intuitive thoughts. You will stay informed but also retain deep autonomy.

Alex Kergall

Global Performance Index

My role when working with clients, is to support them in reaching measurable results for each of the four holistic touchpoints. In the same way that you need oxygen, success needs measurement, especially to create sustainable ongoing growth. Data is the key to navigating your path to serious success and beyond but how do you measure such intangible elements?

This simple dilemma was the driving force behind the creation of the Global Performance Index (GPI), my holistic measurement tool. With more than 50 holistic markers, it delivers the data you need to assess where you are today, and the progress made.

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