Throughout December, Red Eight Gallery is exhibiting Pablo Damian Cristi’s, awe-inspiring art work, ‘The Third Christ Carrying The Cross Giustiniani’.

The renowned Argentinian sculptor’s masterpiece is the final of three sculptures conceived some 500 years ago by none other than Michelangelo. The third Christ was first proposed by Prince Don Jérôme Luc Moneglia d’Giustiniani and supported by the wider Giustiniani family, known for their rich history of arts patronage.

The power of three is one of the core tenets here: father, son and holy ghost; man, mantle and cross; and even the marble essentially has three colours – pure white, dark veins, and grey spaces in between, which blend the two.

Cristi spent more than a year and a half visiting his favoured quarry in Carrara once a week to try to find the right block with all the characteristics he was looking for.

Pablo Damian Cristi’s ‘The Third Christ Carrying The Cross Giustiniani’ i

This particular piece of marble has a vertical vein running down the centre that he has used to create a tension between Christ and the cross on the other side of the veil.

Ultimately, the sculpture represents a bridge between the legacy of the past and the present; moving beyond religion and theology, Cristi has infused this masterpiece with an essence that transcends time.

During its residency in The Royal Exchange, Red Eight Gallery is offering a range of engaging events and activities, including live sculpting and an opportunity to view and buy Cristi’s other exceptional works in marble. This artist’s programme promises to be a cultural highlight of the Christmas season. 

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