Welcome to Hera-Elite, the only bespoke matchmaking agency you should ever need.

Founder and CEO Amina Itchir started matchmaking couples long before she thought of launching Hera-Elite. “Putting people together is natural to me, friends and colleagues often asked me to introduce them to someone or advise them on their current relationship and I always loved doing so.”

After spending almost a decade as an oil broker and sharpening her human and language skills, Amina decided to change career and devote herself to helping people find love.

We have the luxury to choose our members and we do not accept everyone

Amina Itchir

Founder and CEO Amina Itchir

Hera-Elite’s members are based across the globe, encompassing different cultures, backgrounds and industries. Amina personally meets with a potential member before they can join the agency, and analyses each member’s profile with her team. Only then does she set up an introduction.

“We have the luxury to choose our members and we do not accept everyone, spending a couple of hours with a potential member helps us decide whether they are a fit and most importantly whether we can find them appropriate partners depending on their criteria.”

Confidentiality is of paramount importance to Hera-Elite “Love is intimate, our members quest is our mission and protecting their identity and privacy is one of our biggest focus.’’

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