Over the last two decades, the phrase ‘live your best life’ has become a popular maxim in modern society. But what exactly is your ‘best life’? How is it defined and ultimately achieved?

American theologian Thomas Merton posited, “People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success, only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

So, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re on the right wall.

One of the enduring traits of the human condition – particularly in Western society – is to herald material wealth, career progression, and societal status as benchmarks for happiness. And while wealth creation, enterprise and endeavour have been, and will always be, fundamental to the advancement of civilisation, it would be folly to suggest that success is grounded in these attainments alone.

Throughout history, humanity has wrestled with its most existential question: how should one live in order to find true meaning and achieve true happiness?

Members receive on-demand access to wellbeing and lifestyle management specialists

Over the centuries, there have been a plethora of solutions put forward in response. The most salutary, widespread and durable of these ideologies all share a rudimentary core insight: that a successful life derives not solely from our possessions, but rather from the harmonious, balanced and finely cultivated relationship between all of our varied sub-domains of wellness.

Aristotle and Plato formulated this understanding as the concept of ‘Arete’ – a notion of excellence resulting from the fulfilment of purpose. Since then, 20th-century scholars, including Dr Abraham Maslow, have refined this principle offering the concept of ‘self-actualisation’ – where personal potential is fully realised after basic bodily and ego needs have been fulfilled. Whether ancient or contemporary, the theories agree: the zenith of human achievement is the act and quality of living up to one’s full potential via the pursuit of excellence in mind, body and soul.

Today, some schools of science refract wellness further into eight sub-domains: emotional, social, occupational, financial, intellectual, environmental, physical, and spiritual wellness. These eight dimensions work interdependently, so balanced attention must be given to all as the neglect of any one will, over time, adversely affect the others and ultimately one’s health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

The Odissean Experience

Channelling these timeless insights, The Odissean Experience firmly believes that true satisfaction and purposeful living – for both one’s self and others – is best achieved via a ceaseless voyage in pursuit of holistic lifestyle excellence.
Moreover, The Odissean Experience believes this has never been more essential than now – in a world beset by widespread chronic lifestyle-related ailments, mental health challenges, environmental threats, pandemics, stress, and numerous other personal and social pressures.

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Ultimately, members will enjoy experiences that will help them achieve a happier, healthier, more meaningful, and more wonder-filled existence.

The Odissean Experience

The Odissean Experience is a novel and completely unique concept created for the modern HNW consumer. Its multi-disciplinary and expert-led approach removes the burden of stitching together the different fragments of wellness – joining them all under one roof and ensuring five-star excellence in every single aspect of members’ experience.

The carefully crafted emphasis on the skilled integration of wellbeing and lifestyle services, coupled with fully bespoke solutions based around every client’s unique lifestyle and wellness needs, creates a coherent and harmonious ecosystem geared towards delivering maximally transformative and life-empowering results.

For more information and to explore the membership opportunities of The Odissean Experience, email invitations@theodisseanexperience.com or visit theodisseanexperience.com

Email invitations@theodisseanexperience.com or visit theodisseanexperience.com