The story starts with two brothers, a serious love of whisky and a backing track of creativity. Conceived as an antidote to the status quo, Turntable flips the record on ordinary in a bid to unlock new frontiers in the blended whisky space.

Blending in small batches for character, Turntable combines expertise and imagination to explore possibilities and boldly push the boundaries of flavour.

With over 20 years experience between Glasgow-based founders Ally and Gordon Stevenson, the project is a genuine labour of love, one that appreciates that all great whiskies need three core ingredients: quality spirit, excellent casks and time.

Ally and Gordon started Turntable believing they could bring something fresh and exciting to the industry. Professionally, their work has taken them to virtually every corner of the whisky world.

Ally started his career with a five-year stint at the BenRiach Distillery Company before moving on to GlenAllachie. In both roles, he learned the subtle art of whisky blending, working under the auspices of renowned Master Blender Billy Walker. Through processes such as stock management, wood policy, cask selection and blending, Ally has developed a clear vision on the direction of Turntable whiskies. And yes, he acknowledges his good fortune in getting to learn the craft from an industry legend like Billy!

Turntable Spirits blended whisky collection

Meanwhile, Gordon spent a decade on the sales side of the business, covering markets such as Scandinavia and Northern Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. While racking up air miles at Inver House Distillers and Douglas Laing & Co, Gordon gained a critical insight into exactly what stores and customers look for when purchasing whisky. Working closely with production teams, participating in tasting panels and cask selections, interacting with distillery managers, and handling a hugely diverse range of whiskies gave Gordon a panoramic view of the industry and the nuances of its various production methods.

Naturally both brothers are passionate whisky enthusiasts and this, coupled with their desire to elevate the perception of blended whisky among a younger demographic, makes them well-placed to create specialised products that make an immediate impact.

Ally Stevenson learned the subtle art of whisky blending, working under the auspices of renowned Master Blender Billy Walker

The blending philosophy at the heart of Turntable can be summed up in one phrase: No Shortcuts. A project years in the making, the brothers have put wood management at the forefront of their vision, sourcing exceptional casks from around the world to run a sizeable rerack programme and develop the quality of their whisky stock. All Turntable blends will be married for three months and the final products will be natural colour and non-chill filtered.

Building on the success of the first limited edition releases earlier this year, Turntable has unveiled three core expressions that reflect the brothers’ commitment to crafting extraordinary blends. Retaining the musical theme of their predecessors, the core range comprises Paradise Funk, Smokin’ Riff and Bittersweet Symphony.

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