Wind back the clock even just a decade, and online gambling was a relatively fledgling industry. Now, the space is booming, with the industry projected to grow to over $150bn by 2030.

Because of this rapid growth, online gambling is constantly evolving and changing. A range of different trends influence these changes, and we look at three of the biggest of 2022.

Increased Access to Internet and Smartphones

The proportion of the world’s population that has access to the internet continues to grow significantly each year.

When increased internet access is combined with the increased convenience of smartphones, then this becomes a powerful trend that will influence the online gambling industry.

Two decades ago, if a punter felt like having a gamble, they would have to hop into the car, drive to their nearest casino, and interact with other human beings in order to place a bet.

Now, however, all of that is just the click of a button away. From the comfort of the home, bets can be placed and slot machines spun in a way like never before.

What this has done to the online gambling industry is naturally increased demand. As well as this, it has caused online casinos to become more and more aware of customers’ desire for convenience, and structure their offerings accordingly.

Fruit machine

Rise of User Engagement in Casino Games

In days gone by, gambling online used to be a fairly straightforward transaction. It was almost always done with the intention of winning – a slot spun in hope, a bet placed based on a hunch.

This year that continued to change, however. Improved graphics and technology has led to the user experience across different casino games becoming so intrinsically powerful, that some gamblers are playing for the experience itself, rather than the monetary reward.

Just head to any of the best casinos according to Casino Hawks, and you’ll see that there are slot machines available to be played online that more resemble full-on video games, than traditional casino games.

From wandering through the Amazon rainforest, to slaying zombies and exploring the African safari, casino games continue to drive user engagement for reasons other than the simple financial aspect of gambling.

Increased Trust in Online Casinos Through Security and Regulation

While trends like virtual and augmented reality may seem exciting, the reality is much more simple, practical trends are influencing the online gambling space at the moment.

Every year, levels of trust in online gambling increases. This is for two main reasons – security and regulation.

Reputable online casinos will now have a range of security measures, including Secure Socket Layers, 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and accepting payment in cryptocurrencies.

Add to this the fact that more and more governments are legalising and regulating online casinos, and it’s no wonder that trust is increasing.

Rather than simply hoping that your winnings will be returned or details kept safe, there’s now a method of accountability in place for every licensed online casino.

This trend has allowed the industry to continue growing, while also fuelling innovation with existing customers.