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Biggest E-sports prize money – the tournaments everyone wants to win

E-sports is one of the fastest growing sectors in the sports entertainment industry. Period. Whether you're a casual gamer, a hardcore fan, or haven't picked up a controller since the N64, it's an industry that should be on your radar. Why? Well, for one, the incredible prize money on offer at the world's biggest tournaments. We've rounded up a few of them below…

E-sports tournaments with the biggest prize money

E-sports is rapidly growing in the gaming industry and experts predict that it is likely to rival other sports industries in the near future. Its insane potential translates into the prize pool of E-Sports tournaments.

The biggest event of the year for Valve's Dota-2 is 'The International'. This is the gold standard of E-sports tournaments.

One of the reasons why E-sports tournaments keep getting better and better year after year is because the crowd-funding prize pools keep increasing significantly, as more people gravitate towards it. E-sport companies like Valve continue to successfully keep people invested in the video gaming industry.

Furthermore, the purse for these E-sports tournaments keeps increasing by more than a million dollars. E-sports allow gaming enthusiasts to become live spectators of high-level competition of their favourite games. The idea continues to take companies like Valve and other gaming industries to incredible heights. The revenue generation of these tournaments is largely dependent on the E-sports audience.

The tremendous rise in popularity of E-sports, especially during the pandemic, promises a successful future for this new portion of the gaming industry. More eyes on the tournaments bring in more sponsors, including casino brands such as 21.com Casino, resulting in better investments for marketing and advertisement. Better and bigger sponsors are also steering forces that significantly increase the total amount of E-sports prize money.

Below, we discuss some of the biggest tournaments with the most insane prize money…

The International – DOTA 2

The International DOTA 2, e-sports tournament

Valve has been instrumental in the gaming industry’s success. Its annual world DOTA championships has been breaking records in prize money for nine years in a row. DOTA 2 is a popular strategy-based game. It has a major audience coming mostly from Asia, which is a continent brimming with E-sport’s fans. This is especially evident in countries such as Japan and China.

Apart from The International, Valve organises many other DOTA competitions that generate millions of dollars of prize money. In tournaments such as the Asia Championships and Valve Majors, the winning team gets to walk home with millions. The International-9 has the highest prize pool currently that estimates to $34.3m.


Fornite e-sports tournaments

Epic Games are one of the giants of the gaming industry. It has arranged huge tournaments and series that have generated enormous amounts of prize money. One of its most famous gaming series is the Fall Skirmish series. The entire series lasts about six weeks, and teams like Dusty Dogs were able to walk home with a whopping $15m in cash prize. Furthermore, the prize pool for this contest was $4m.

Besides the Skirmish series, Epic Games organise other competitions such as Twitchcon and other tournaments. The developers of Fortnite manage to stay on top in terms of prize pools and winner bonuses by committing to $100m in cash prizes. Moreover, you also can win money playing free spins no deposit casinos as the alternative to E-games. Therefore, you will find many gaming organisations all around the world taking interest in Fortnite. Furthermore, you will find many professional gaming teams shift to Fortnite just to win the prize money.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, e-sports tournament, gaming

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most prized games among the E-sports industry, ranking in the top five games for generating the highest prize money in tournaments. Furthermore, it holds major tournaments with millions of dollars on the line.

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game that is an exciting, fast-paced, and exhilarating experience for the viewers, and is a staple of the E-sports industry. With tournaments that tend to fill up an entire stadium of fans, it has a prize pool that extends into the $3m range. Top teams of Counter Strike can make up between $11,000 and $17,000 per month.