Olajide Olatunji will face the biggest fight of his five-year boxing career so far this October. The Youtuber more commonly known as KSI will star in the co-main of the Misfits boxing event in Manchester on 14 October.

KSI has entered the ring on seven occasions under various promotions at the amateur and professional levels of boxing. The fighter from Watford remains unbeaten, but his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury is sure to be his toughest battle yet.

The Englishman has proven himself to be an explosive heavy striker, but against a vastly experienced professional, he could be picked apart at last.

Fury is a huge favourite

Fury is a significant favourite for the much-anticipated co-main of the upcoming Misfits card. He is of course a seasoned pro who comes from an exceptional boxing family. In the Tommy Fury v KSI betting odds, the former is a 1/4 favourite - he is certainly not expected to harm the family's legacy in the sport with a disappointing loss.

Fury has won all nine of his professional fights, with four wins having been secured via knockout blows. The Manchester-born star will likely be aiming to dispatch KSI in style - a long-term pro should certainly be winning comfortably against a YouTuber who has many endeavours besides the sport.

In the past, KSI has regularly faced fellow YouTube creators and others with large online followings and has proven himself to be dominant in the influencer boxing scene. Fury could be the man to bring KSI back down to earth, after all, many have argued he is far too skilled to be involved in the sport below professional level.


Despite the odds weighing against him, KSI himself will certainly have a huge belief that he can achieve an upset against Fury. He has overcome huge hurdles in the past. There was huge doubt he would defeat Logan Paul, but he managed that and has remained untouchable since.


KSI's commercial endeavours also indicate the level of intelligence he possesses. KSI doesn’t subscribe to boundaries or limits; he continually reaches fresh heights that never seemed possible. Overcoming a Fury in the ring certainly seems a stretch too far, but the Chief Executive of Misfits Boxing will believe he can – and will – get the job done.

The journey so far

Regardless of what happens in KSI's toughest fight yet, he has had an impressive boxing career so far.

His journey began against Joe Weller, which was a remarkably one-sided contest. KSI's debut simply proved he needed to be matched with a much stronger opponent in future.

Back-to-back fights against Logan Paul followed. The first ended in a draw, and the second, which was professionally licensed, was won by KSI. He won by split decision, but the majority of fans would argue that he certainly got the better of his long-term online rival.

KSI didn't return to the ring until August of 2022 when he helped establish Misfits boxing. He has achieved three victories under the promotion since. Regardless of whether he can now miraculously go on to beat Fury or not, it is a massive success that Misfits has managed to attract many pros to take part.

The Misfits CEO has played a huge part in the promotions' rapid growth in just over a year so far. His success in the boxing industry has already been ensured. A shock win against Fury would be the icing on KSI’s cake.