In the heart of London, Lord’s Cricket Ground stands as the epitome of cricketing excellence and timeless tradition.

As the expectation for the 2024 cricket season builds, Lord’s invites you to immerse yourself in a world where moments in history are created – and hospitality allows you the premier position to savour every second.

With a line-up of exciting Test matches against West Indies and Sri Lanka; a thrilling One Day International showdown against newly crowned World Champions Australia; England Women taking on New Zealand in the pursuit of more records; and the pulsating action of the Vitality T20 Blast and The Hundred; Lord’s promises an unparalleled cricketing experience.

The Home of Cricket delivers a world-renowned luxury offering: its hospitality packages and premium seating options redefine the cricket-watching experience, offering a seamless blend of class and breathtaking views.

From the moment you step foot into Lord’s, every detail is meticulously curated to ensure your day is a seamless experience of opulence, style, and the finest cricketing action. Here are some of your options…

The Edrich Stand

Tommy Banks’ culinary masterclass

Embark on a gastronomic journey as Lord’s collaborates with Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks to elevate your dining experience to new heights in the Edrich Stand. The hospitality offered here is a celebration of the culinary excellence so associated with top-class cricket.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

The Willow

A Premier Hospitality Haven

Nestled within the iconic Mound Stand, The Willow is Lord’s new luxury pitch-facing suite, inviting you to join a cricket-loving community like no other. With space for 40 guests, The Willow offers an exclusive retreat where you can rub shoulders with fellow enthusiasts, share in the camaraderie of the game, and savour the finest global cuisine in an informal setting.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

The Marylebone

Crafting Cherished Memories

At The Marylebone, enjoy cherished memories woven into the very fabric of Lord’s hallowed Ground. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary hospitality experience where premium dining meets unrivalled views of the cricketing action and the iconic Pavilion. Your Edrich balcony seats provide the perfect vantage point to witness the game unfold, creating moments that will etch themselves into your memory forever.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Nursery Pavilion Platinum

Elevating the Experience

For those seeking an up-close encounter with the action, the Nursery Pavilion beckons. Witness players practising right before your eyes in the iconic premium setting. Kickstart your day with a delicious breakfast, savour a world-class three-course lunch, and enjoy a full complimentary bar throughout the day. Upgrade to the Nursery Pavilion Platinum hospitality package for an even more impressive experience, with dedicated premium seats just a ball’s throw away from the Nursery Pavilion.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

The Home of Cricket

From The Willow’s exclusive community feel to The Marylebone’s crafted memories and the up-close action at the Nursery Pavilion, there’s a wide spectrum of hospitality experiences available for every discerning cricket enthusiast. Cherish every moment at Lord’s, where history is not just made; it’s experienced. 

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