Eulogies are written whenever a great athlete leaves the sporting stage – but few can have been more heartfelt and swooning than those penned for Roger Federer after the recent announcement of his forthcoming retirement.

For more than 20 years, Federer has enraptured fans around the world, playing a brand of tennis so elegant it earned him comparisons to the great ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. He elevated his sport to another level – yet his peerless style allowed no sacrifice of substance, as 20 grand slam titles will attest. Not bad going for a kid who nearly became a footballer.

The Laver Cup in London will host the final active tournament appearance of the greatest tennis player of them all, with Federer competing for Team Europe alongside his great rivals Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Fans at the O2 Arena were already guaranteed a week of great entertainment – now they get to witness history in the making as well. Lucky them.

“A moment like this obviously doesn't come overnight,” said Federer of his forthcoming retirement. “It was an emotional process, which at the end I thought we managed well with the family, my team and my closest friends. I had to obviously tell a lot of people as well. So the organisation was big at the end to make sure it wouldn't leak because it was important to me to tell my fans directly. It all worked out and here we are at the Laver Cup.”

Federer was speaking to Mercedes-Benz as the German automobile maker unveiled the one-off EQS designs for Team Europe and Team World ahead of the Laver Cup in London. Watch the below video to hear the great Swiss talk about his retirement, his post-tennis career, and the upcoming Laver Cup. Roger, it’s been a pleasure and an honour. Merci.

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