What you need in your wardrobe...

The suit: Gucci

Alfie’s midnight-blue Gucci suit is the epitome of Italian suave, and plays as much a part in his success with the ladies as Jude Law’s chiselled good looks. (Possibly.) Note the snug fit: Law deliberately wore suits a size too small, as the character could only have afforded designer threads if purchased from a sale. Unsurprisingly, he pulls it off. This Monaco two-piece from Gucci is bang on the money; we leave it to you to decide the size. Find the suit here.

The shirt: Ozwald Boateng

Alfie dresses well on a limousine driver’s salary: Ozwald Boateng shirts don’t come cheap. Again, we doubt this came bespoke, despite the fit: Alfie clearly knows his way around a sale. What about the colour? To quote the man himself: “If you ooze masculinity like some of us do, you’ve no reason to fear pink.” And if you don’t? Then you still shouldn’t fear it, especially if paired with a Gucci suit. Find the shirt here.

The shoes: Paul Smith

Of the many designer shoe boxes stacked in Alfie’s apartment, Paul Smith is the most prominent. The ‘mod’ brand is a good fit: the original Alfie was released in 1966, and the Law incarnation drives a Vespa around Manhattan (when he isn’t chauffeuring rich women). Maintain the sleek aesthetic of the outfit with black leather 'Spencer' Derby shoes. Magnificent. Find the shoes here.

The tie: Drakes

We’ll level with you: it isn’t entirely clear what brand of tie Alfie favours. Going by what we know of the character, it’s reasonable to assume we’re talking pretty high-end. As the man says: “I’m a bit of a fashion whore.” So let’s go with British brand Drake’s, which offers a woven grenadine tie strikingly similar to our hero’s neckwear. You really can’t go wrong. Find the tie here.

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