There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs a new travel bag. It’s usually a couple of years after leaving university, when you realise that’s it’s no longer socially acceptable to go on a business trip with your old Puma gym bag from school.

Whether you’re upgrading your own – or buying as a gift – Augustus Brandt has it in the bag. Or, more specifically, the My Style bag. Hugely successful in its native Italy, My Style Bags specialises in handmade high-quality bags, handbags and accessories. And now the brand is available for the first time at a UK retailer – Augustus Brandt, a refined lifestyle shop in Petworth, West Sussex.

There’s a large range of materials available – linen, cotton, nylon, suede and leather – but what ties together all the products is their timeless style. The finishing touch is that each item can be personalised with embroidered initials, names or even logos if you have your own business. You pick the colour and the font – and they will do the rest.

Your gym teacher will be proud.

Prices for a good-sized travel bag start at around £185; toiletry bags and beauty cases from £45. For more info: 01798 344 722;