DRESSING UP FOR Royal Ascot dates back to the times of Beau Brummell. The renowned 19th-century dandy led the sartorial charge for the illustrious event with his carefully curated outfits: every element from his pocket watch to his walking stick were meticulously considered.

He set the tone which has lasted more than two centuries and is still rigorously upheld to this day.

To upgrade your formalwear game, it’s all in the details. Our editors have put together their ultimate pre-loved wish list – including the perfect timepieces – to help you master these finishing touches.

Buying pre-loved luxury items on eBay is a shrewd way to secure better prices while also making a more sustainable, environmentally conscious choice.

When it comes to watches in particular, not only does eBay offer access to exclusive models that are sometimes inaccessible through primary channels thanks to waiting lists, but also can be available at a fraction of the cost of the originals.


Arguably the most important addition to any formal outfit is a fitting timepiece. From a Christopher Ward or a Seiko all the way up to a Rolex Daytona, eBay UK houses one of the largest inventories of new, vintage and pre-owned fine watches in the world. And thanks to its Authenticity Guarantee, you can be assured of the genuine article (more on that later).

Which watch you actually wear to Royal Ascot comes down to your ticket type as much as your preferences and budget. Our selection includes some stone-cold classics, with a consistent selection of tempting options available on eBay for each model.

If you’re in the Royal Enclosure, then it’s morning dress and top hat all the way for you, so you’ll need a suitably sophisticated watch to pair with them. A Cartier Tank is the connoisseur’s choice here. Dating back to 1917, it has history on its side: designed by Louis Cartier, the founder’s grandson, it became the favourite of the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Andy Warhol. The model’s instantly recognisable profile is as classy as the event itself.

Cartier Tank

For the Queen Anne Enclosure, traditional morning dress isn’t required, but the rules state you must have a matching suit jacket and trousers alongside a compulsory neck tie. The Omega Speedmaster is a great call as its monochrome colourway will go handsomely with pretty much any look you choose. Also, its chronograph capabilities allow you to time races. No doubt pulses will be racing by this point – so it’s just as well you can use its tachymeter to measure your heart rate, too.

Omega Speedmaster

In the Village Enclosure, you need a tie, bow tie or cravat – but your jacket and trousers don’t have to match. A blue blazer and cream chinos is the kind of Riviera look which translates seamlessly to this environment. As is a Tag Heuer Formula 1.
The model may have been inspired by a somewhat higher octane sport, but speed, accuracy and timing link the two.

For the most casual enclosure – the Windsor – anything goes from a sartorial perspective. (Well, within reason – this is still Royal Ascot, after all.) This means you can opt for a sporty horological option to reflect a more casual look. The Breitling Navitimer on a leather strap hits the smart-casual brief cleanly – and although this iconic timepiece was originally designed for the air, it works just as well for the turf.

Breitling Navitimer

All of these watches are proven classics, holding their value well over time. When purchasing any of them, eBay UK also delivers an extra degree of reassurance courtesy of its Authenticity Guarantee. With this service, watches with a sale price in excess of £1,500 are physically inspected on their journey from seller to buyer, ensuring their authenticity.

With experienced, independent expert watchmakers checking each product is authentic, the free service allows customers to shop with complete trust that they will be buying the genuine article.

As well as watches, the Authenticity Guarantee is available for jewellery, handbags and sneakers. Although, please don’t wear the latter to Royal Ascot – you won’t make it through the gates.

Frankie Dettori at Royal Ascot
Guests at the Parade Ring in Royal Ascot


With your watch game sorted, let’s move on to accessories. Your necktie plays centre stage here – paisley is safe; plain pastels safer. Military-inspired school-boy stripes will certainly help you blend in with the old guard. eBay offers a huge array of choice here – and as ties rarely suffer from wear and tear, they make for a canny pre-loved purchase. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Brioni and Giorgio Armani all offer the added benefit of being highly collectible.

Pocket squares

There’s no rule saying your pocket square needs to match your tie. Indeed, if both accessories are too closely coordinated it can all look a little too ‘wedding hire’ for our tastes. Better to pick a complementary colour palette and riff around it.

Classics from the likes of Turnbull & Asser, New & Lingwood and Salvatore Ferragamo often come up for sale on eBay.


Cufflinks offer a rare chance to be whimsical in your outfit without being outré. Respected brands like Links of London, Boss and Tiffany crop up regularly on eBay – and often represent good value as well as an accessory that can last a lifetime.

When it comes to sourcing the ultimate Royal Ascot outfit, eBay has your back – as well as your wrists. Shopping for pre-loved items will not only save you money, but it helps save the planet.

Whatever you choose, we hope it brings you the best of luck at the races. And when it comes to investing in that new watch, make sure you look for the eBay UK Authenticity Guarantee blue tick – it takes luck out of the equation.

Authenticity Guarantee is independent from, and not associated with, any brands sold on eBay. It is eligible for all watch brands, and selected handbag and jewellery brands.

Authenticity guarantee

eBay UK

The eBay UK Authenticity Guarantee programme vets and verifies eligible luxury items to allow people to sell and purchase with complete confidence at no additional cost to the buyer or seller. This encompasses luxury watches (with a sale price in excess of £1,500), fine jewellery (£500+) and handbags (£500+). The programme, which is available for sneakers too, is key to removing buyer doubt. For more information about the eBay UK Authenticity Guarantee: ebay.co.uk/authenticity-guarantee