In a grey city of ubiquitous blue shirts and tired navy suits, it’s good to be distinct. This doesn’t mean you have to dress like Harry Styles to make an impression; small changes can make a big impact.

When it comes to bringing new life to your look, start with your shirt – and, more specifically, with Blake Mill.

Based in Manchester, Blake Mill specialises in creating shirts with added flair. Its bold, eye-catching prints are ideal for men looking to exude personality through the clothes they wear.

The brand’s designers draw from a seemingly never-ending well of artistic and cultural inspiration, with the final motifs encompassing a diverse myriad of themes. You’re just as likely to see the artwork of LS Lowry as you are the blossom of a Japanese sakura tree. From the Apollo 11 launch code to the cratered surface of the moon, many of the designs are out of this world.

Each print is designed in the UK by British artists – the themes and styles they create are certain to set you apart in any given situation. From boardroom to bar, there is a design to match your mood and circumstances.

Model wearing Blake Mill shirt
Model wearing Blake Mill shirt

If you’re in the market for something more restrained, Blake Mill tailors for all tastes. As well as full-print statement shirts, the brand also produces more conservative options, where the company’s signature prints are consigned to the collar, cuffs and trim of a simple black or white shirt.

And for those looking for additional uniqueness and exclusivity, Blake Mill also offers limited-edition designs made in short runs, meaning you’ll be one of only 500 people in the country to own that particular style of shirt.

The one thing that links all its collections is a consistent high level of craftsmanship. Style is, of course, nothing without substance – and these shirts are made from the finest fabrics with painstaking attention to detail.

It was Erasmus who first said, “Fortune favours the audacious.” Given the bold nature of these shirts,and the variety on offer, the only question remaining is how audacious are you feeling?

Model wears Blake Mill shirt
Model wears Blake Mill shirt

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