Crazy as it seems, David Beckham has been at the forefront of British culture for more than two decades, ever since his famous goal against Wimbledon in 1996. Yet while the former England captain may be long retired from football, his standing in the fashion world goes from strength to strength.

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When Kent & Curwen teamed up with Beckham, it was always going to get the label noticed, but this homegrown menswear brand had some pretty impressive fashion credentials already: it was founded in 1926, and can count the first ever cricket sweaters among its contributions to iconic British design.

Continuing its association with all things classic and British, its partnership with Beckham signifies a new blueprint for the brand, described as a ‘fresh new take on English heritage’.

In keeping with its British heritage theme, Kent & Curwen’s new Covent Garden flagship is located in a Victorian building originally built as a boys’ school. The space is, unsurprisingly, pretty stylish, with clever touches such as green and cream tiles as a nod to traditional pie and mash shops.

“The intention was to suggest the heritage of the building as well as the brand, highlighting our influences and inspirations,” says creative director Daniel Kearns.

Beckham has also enthused about the new flagship store.

“Daniel and I have been searching for the perfect location for some time and believe we’ve found it on Floral Street. A long time, iconic London shopping destination, Floral Street is at the heart of this great city and we’re excited for Kent & Curwen to be at the forefront of it.”

The association looks certain to be the next successful chapter in the stories of both the man and the brand. Here’s to the next 20 / 90 years.

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