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Brand watch: Finlay & Co collaborates with Glenmorangie on limited-edition sunglasses

Glasses maker Finlay & Co make use of former oak barrels from Glenmorangie's to create one-off run of eyewear

It's not often a collaboration happens between two brands who share so much in common when it comes to craftsmanship. This is a case of the old-school mixing with the new – where the oak staves that have formerly been used to age Scotch whisky get a new lease of life in the form of beautiful, form-fitting wooden sunglasses. In fact, if this partnership were any cooler, they'd have to call it FNLY & C X GLNMRNG.

The specs are made from the staves from the American oak barrels the brand uses to age its uniquely flavoured whisky, and go through the same rigorous, 16-step manufacturing process as the other wooden pairs in its collection, so you'll get a beautifully engineered product that's the result of not one, but two individual pieces of craftsmanship. Which, after the angel's share is long gone, seems a match made in heaven.

Buy at glenmorangie.com