If you are off to Henley Royal Regatta (HRR) this year, I urge you to enter into the spirit of the occasion – and plan your outfit.

Henley is an opportunity to have fun with your wardrobe, so resist the temptation to wear your office suit.

Henley wouldn’t be Henley without a sea of striped boating blazers, originally introduced so that members could identify their rowing club out on the river much the same as the racing colours jockeys wear.

It is one of the few times one can wear a garish stripe blazer without looking out of place and because it is such an auspicious occasion one should make the effort and abide by the dress code.

We suggest a colour palette of navy, pale blue, pink, white, cream and red. We use these colours for our chinos, which can be coordinated with any of our blazers.

It's an opportunity to have fun, so don't just wear your office suit

Plain, old-school plimsolls are the perfect footwear, or classic boat shoes, but wear them with striped socks and hold up your trousers with a striped belt.

Three Henley Looks

1. I suggest a striped blazer and the bolder the stripes the better. Wear it with a straw boater. Go on I dare you.

2. If you find stripes too OTT, I recommend a navy double breasted blazer that can be worn with khaki or white cotton trousers.

3. A navy blue linen or cotton suit will fit the bill but I urge you to add a stripe or two somewhere, perhaps the tie or bow tie.

If you decide to wear a tie, then make that a striped one. And if the weather turns cold, then you could add one of our stripe-trimmed merino/cotton cardigans that sit well underneath a blazer. A hat of some sort completes the ensemble, be it a Panama with a striped ribbon band or a simple rowing cap with contrast trim.

For ladies we have produced a capsule navy and white collection, inspired by the 1950s and the movie star Grace Kelly.

All this kit will be available at the Hackett Henley pop-up shop, so do drop by. You may even find me behind the counter, or failing that, in front of the bar.

The HRR Collection is also available in selected stores and online at hackett.com