From cocktail parties to black-tie galas, party season is nearly here. But there’s only so long you can get away with re-wearing your wedding suit or dusting off that ex-rental dinner jacket.

If your evening wear wardrobe is in need of a refresh, you’ve come to the right place.

Imagine the scene: you’re jumping out of a black cab on a crisp winter’s night. The crowds are already forming outside the venue, but the queue is no issue: you have a new coat – not to mention VIP access.

You climb the stairs – coat checked, collar straightened – and enter the warm room. A buzz of excitement is punctuated by the clinks of glasses. Champagne in hand, you’re ready for the night. Whatever it throws at you, you’ll know you'll look the part.

(Just don’t wear slippers. It may have worked once for Eddie Redmayne, but it won’t work for you.)

The coat

Ted Baker Raydon pure wool single-breasted overcoat, £325

Ted Baker Raydon pure wool single-breasted overcoat, £325

First step to mastering party wear is arriving in style. So you need a coat that will effortlessly slip over a suit jacket but still give you a strong silhouette.

Also, it’s England and it’s winter, so you’ll want it to be warm.

Enter: Ted Baker’s Raydon pure wool single-breasted overcoat. Made from 100% wool, this simple yet sophisticated coat ticks all boxes. Being single-breasted means it’s not as heavy or cumbersome as a double-breasted alternative. Its button-fastened cuffs are also a classy addition to a coat that will work as well in the evening as it will for the cold morning commute the day after.

The velvet blazer

Ted Baker Iwade velvet dinner jacket, £325

Ted Baker Iwade velvet dinner jacket, £325

In a room full of black tie, it’s hard to stand out. At least, for the right reasons. Wear white, and you’ll be confused for a waiter. Wear maroon, and you’ll suffer Ron Burgundy jibes all evening. And don’t even think about pink – even Daniel Craig couldn’t pull it off. And he’s Daniel Craig.

However, he did have the right idea with velvet. Adding this rich material to your look brings texture and depth – and looks pure class in traditional black.

Ted Baker’s Iwade dinner jacket is a textbook example – its deep shawl collar the perfect finishing touch.

The printed velvet blazer

Ted Baker printed velvet blazer

Ted Baker Yeatonprinted velvet blazer, £325

OK, so plain black is too safe for you? It’s time to add some pattern.

This dark-blue Yeaton printed velvet blazer from Ted Baker has an alluring floral pattern, which will draw the eye, not to mention plenty of compliments.

But one word of warning – with a statement piece like this, keep everything else in your outfit super simple: black trousers, white shirt and black patent leather shoes, please.

The jacquard blazer

Ted Baker Cadney Jacquard Blazer £325

Ted Baker Cadney jacquard blazer, £325

If velvet rubs you up the wrong way, there is an alternative. Jacquard is a specially woven fabric created using a Jacquard loom. It’s used to rakish effect in this Cadney blazer from Ted Baker.

The diamond pattern is reminiscent of traditional leather quilting – and it’s different enough to make itself known as a suit for the ball, not the boardroom.

The patterned shirt

Ted Baker Naylan long-sleeve abstract horse print shirt

Ted Baker Naylan long-sleeve abstract horse print shirt, £70

Whether you’re looking for a fresh take on black tie, or you want a shirt that will impress on its own, this Naylan navy number from Ted Baker will manage both with aplomb. The black horse motif is abstract enough to be seen as a funky pattern – and also doubles up as a fun talking point for fans of equestrian sport.

Made from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres – which is derived from sustainably managed forests and created using a closed-loop production process – this is shirt style with a clean conscience.

The show-stealing shirt

Ted Baker Bramley long-sleeve abstract printed texture shirt, £63

Ted Baker Bramley long-sleeve abstract printed texture shirt, £63

Some people like to arrive late and leave early. They’ll sit at the back with clothes as quiet as their voices. This is not the shirt for them.

Ted Baker’s Bramley shirt has an abstract print that will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Made from 100% cotton, its pattern may be striking, but because it’s in monochrome it doesn’t fall into OTT. Rather, it’s easy to pair with – and dress up or down depending on the occasion. One thing it isn’t, though, is easy to forget.

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