Mr Marvis started off by perfecting shorts – making the ideal length and fabric for enjoying summer sun.

And next, it added the logically named Longs to its repertoire – the consummate long-legged summer trouser with an equally impressive range of colours as its shorts.

But what about when the weather turns and winter takes over?

Well, continuing its Ronseal-approach to nomenclature, Mr Marvis has now released two new collections, The Coolerdays and The Flannels.

And it’s safe to say we’re big fans of both.

The Coolerdays

Mr Marvis Coolerdays
Mr Marvis Coolerdays

The Coolerdays are specifically designed to keep you warm when the weather is anything but.

They have been designed for temperatures from zero to 15°C – the fabric 40% heavier than that of the Riviera-ready Longs.

Despite the weight, they still stretch, allowing you to leap over felled trees in a single bound.

The Flannels

Mr Marvis The Flannels

Imagine being sat by a roaring fire in a Mayfair members’ club, the smell of smoke occasionally overpowered by the cognac in your hand.

This is the kind of scene tailormade for Mr Marvis’ most elegant offering yet, The Flannels.

They’re made from soft woven GOTS-certified fabric, which has been slightly milled and raised, to give them a warm, layered look and feel.

The usual Mr Marvis utilitarian Velcro back pocket fasteners have been replaced with small magnets to protect the fabric.

Both are a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The Flannels, £119, The Coolerdays, £109; for more information, see