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Get the Friday Feeling with SEVENFRIDAY

SEVENFRIDAY is a lifestyle brand creating watches, eyewear, and apparel for people who live every day like it’s Friday.

Every day is a Friday... A dream or a mission statement? Back in 2012, Daniel Niederer founded SEVENFRIDAY, a lifestyle brand creating watches, eyewear, and apparel for individuals around the world who live every day like it’s Friday.

Says Niederer: “At SEVENFRIDAY, we don’t follow any rules or any trend. We want to challenge the norms and create alternatives, we want to be free to believe in our convictions and dreams. This freedom is one of our greatest assets and is always at the forefront of our vision.”

“But there is no fun in living every day like it’s Friday if you are alone. SEVENFRIDAY is far more than just products. It is an attitude, a way of life, driven by a community of people sharing the same mindset: we want to have fun and celebrate life together.”

Always a few steps ahead of the game, SEVENFRIDAY signed onto Instagram in 2012 to be one of the first watch brands at the forefront of using technology and social platforms to connect with its community. Today, the SEVENFRIDAY eco-system consists of a mixture of tools and channels, both online and offline, to connect and share with fans and friends of the brand, with the key player in this hub being the bespoke app.

The SEVENFRIDAY App allows individuals to engage and connect directly with the brand via different features, such as the News Feed, an extension of warranty, and exclusive offers. On top of that, we are past the times of worrying about whether a product is authentic and looking up the nearest store to get it verified. Thanks to the app, we can do all that from home.

Since 2015, SEVENFRIDAY has been using NFC (Near Field Communication) chips to authenticate its products, firstly watches and now more recently its eyewear. A passive chip is installed within the back of the watch or the temple of the eyewear providing wireless secured coding information connected to the SEVENFRIDAY App. Thus, not only protecting the lifespan and credibility of the product but also guaranteeing that what you are buying is a genuine SEVENFRIDAY product.

SEVENFRIDAY’s online presence serves a bigger purpose than solely selling and marketing products. The brand uses the digital world as a means of communicating its values, attitude, and expanding its community where each individual embodies the #liveSEVENFRIDAY lifestyle.

The team is a group of like-minded people who enjoy what they do and celebrate life. This inspired them to bring the brand from digital to physical: the SEVENFRIDAY Space. Imagine a place with a design worthy of Architectural digest Dut with a homelike familiar feeling. A place where you can bring your family for coffee, your friends for drinks, or your business partners to lunch. A boutique by day and event host by night - that’s the Spaces.

SEVENFRIDAY is bigger than the summary of its products. It’s a way of life rooted in the values: action over words, creativity, and innovation, with a high dose of fun and authenticity. Welcome to the SEVENFRIDAY ecosystem and get ready to celebrate life.