What should a man wear when it is no longer cold, but not yet warm? This, in a nutshell, is the eternal dilemma of dressing for spring in the United Kingdom.

When it’s neither coat weather nor T-shirt weather, but something in between, it demands a flexible approach, focused on a smart combination of layers.

Think unlined coats that you can easily shrug on and off to suit the conditions; knitwear that keeps you warm, but doesn’t stifle you; and jackets light enough to layer over a sweatshirt without leaving you looking like the Michelin Man.

Accordingly, we suggest making room in your wardrobe for jackets, coats and cardigans in lighter, more flexible fabrics.

Thin jackets boast the advantage of being lightweight and boxy enough to be layered comfortably over a tracksuit jacket and shirt. This overcoat by Isabel Benenato is detailed with black paint for an artfully distressed look; it’s been crafted in Italy from breathable linen and left unlined for lightness.

Wear this jacket on top of a sweater, like this oatmeal cotton example by Eidos. It has a tactile handle, chunky ribbed trims and is slit through the sides to relax the slim fit.

Be sure to update your utility pieces seasonally, starting with these trousers from Dries Van Noten. Cut from a lightweight linen and cotton blend, they’re finished with an elasticated drawstring waist for comfort – and they finish off the relaxed look perfectly.

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