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TM Lewin nails the skinny suit

Wide-set pinstripes and broad power suits are, mercifully, rarer and rarer these days, and with good reason – the skinny-fit suit is taking its mantle as the way to dress for the office.

TM Lewin's skinny suit, a recent but welcome addition to its sartorial arsenal, shows that even if you don't want to go bespoke, you can still sharpen your silhouette. And at £149, it’s an affordable experiment for those marking their first foray into the terrain of the skinny.

With pockets cut on the slant, elegant, two-button jackets and trousers cut similarly to skinny jeans – that continue a sharp silhouette all the way down the suit – the Skinny range frames the wearer in a shape that's unmistakably contemporary – and undeniably dapper.

The Skinny is available in navy, black and mid-grey, all priced at £149. Go to tmlewin.co.uk for more information.