After the hottest summer in living memory, it’s hard to get your head around dressing for winter. Chunky sweaters, sturdy leather shoes and heavy-gauge socks? No, thank you. Not while the memory of 35-degree Central Line commutes still lingers so freshly in our minds.

Think about it we must, though, for while it might be difficult to recall how it feels to be cold right now, if the next winter turns out to be anything like the last then in a few short months we’ll have completely forgotten how it feels to be warm. Our bodies will crave the cosy embrace of a thick sweater. Our toes will be cursing us for having not invested in thicker socks when we had the chance.

Thankfully, the team at Mr P saw this one coming: think fuzzy mohair knits, heavy-duty flannel shirts and robust winter footwear.

It isn’t just designed to withstand the return of the ‘Beast from the East’, though. Yes, our climate does appear to be getting more and more extreme, increasingly characterised by bone-chilling winters and long, languid summers, but it’s worth remembering that weather isn’t binary, and that there are many more scenarios to prepare for than simply ‘very hot’ or ‘very cold’.

Cultivate a wardrobe that can be adapted to suit whatever the weather might throw at you

To that end, Mr P’s latest collection also includes corduroy blouson jackets, military shirts and a range of other pieces ideal for those tricky in-between months. They lend themselves to a flexible, layered approach to dressing, one that’s rather more suited to kicking through autumn leaves than it is traipsing through snow.

The point of it all is to cultivate an endlessly versatile wardrobe that can be adapted to suit whatever the weather might throw at you. And when the weather’s this unpredictable, maybe a little versatility is just what we need.

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