IF COUNTRIES HAVE personalities, then Italy’s is a split one. First, there’s the art, the culture, the olive-oil advert of slow, healthy living. And then there’s its fast, creative and passionate alter ego.

The result is a holiday destination that can be moulded to just about any personal preferences.

Essenza is a new travel company which aims to capture Italy’s appeal and serve it however you like it. It offers an impressive range of beautiful villas, chalets, boutique hotels and apartments across Italy combined with more than 150 immersive experiences.

So if you fancy fast Italy, how about feeling the power of a Ferrari supercar as it hugs the hairpin bends of the Amalfi coast, or cruising a speed boat across Lake Como, or trying out the Formula 1 racetrack at Mugello?

Essenza can set all of this up for you.

Or if you crave the freedom of cycling along cypress-lined routes, many of Essenza’s villas are on the Giro D’Italia route. You can take on the Dolomites on a titanium road bike with a pro-rider guide and back-up vehicle, or attack Tuscany’s strade bianche (white roads), finishing the exhilarating day with wine tasting and a lift back to your private villa.

Alternatively, embrace life in the slow lane: gently sail around the Ligurian coast, watch your bespoke shoes being made, pound the creamy dough to create your own Neapolitan pizza, or learn to master a Tuscan steak tagliata alongside a personal chef. Explore the estates of some of the world’s finest wines or book a mixologist to serve you negronis by your Apuglian pool.

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with a group of friends, the Essenza team can create expert-led experiences for you combined with luxury Italian accommodation.

For those who want to upgrade their home office, the Essenza team can find you a property on preferential rental terms with desk facilities and set you up for a workation: sorting your laundry and shopping and giving you temporary access to the local health system and membership of sports clubs.

“We’ve all been so starved of travel and of doing the things we love. This pandemic has made us realise that travel isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential part of what makes us human, the need to connect with other places and people and to learn new things” said Essenza’s founder Margherita Piliero. “Italy’s variety and accessibility means anyone can come and follow their passions, in beautiful places, stunning surroundings and with sublime food. Essenza is your essential guide.
What are you waiting for?”

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