Forget No Time to Die, the new Bond film should be called No Time to AI. Or at least that's what Alistair would have you think. Who's Alistair, you ask? Good question. 

As part of an exciting new pop-up in Broadgate, scientists from Royal Holloway, University of London have partnered with creative technology company To Play For and created Alistair – dubbed the City's toughest artificial intelligence interviewer, who'll be assessing whether or not you're fit to be the next 007. 

Full transparency: if successful, the idea is that you're recruited into the fictitious AI6 service, not actual MI5. Still, we reckon it's one for the CV nonetheless. Or to try out one night this week at the very least.

Using To Play For's AI platform,, and supported by a Royal Holloway research team, Alistair is able to test emotional, verbal and psychological responses. Through a series of questions, he will determine an interviewee's psychological potential to do one of the toughest jobs in the world.

The mystery behind MI5's recruitment process has long been a staple of British culture. So Alistair really is providing us with an invaluable service here. We've all had that one friend at some time in our life whose parent is a – no idea. Fill in the blank. What do they do? And the obvious answer is, of course, they're part of the mafia or work for MI5.

I know this to be the case because it turned out my friend with the seemingly Bond-esque father actually was the child of a spy. Case and point. If you haven't found the friend of yours who it is yet, start by asking yourself who always evades answering what it is their parent does. 

Alistair will be around until Friday, and is open to interviewees daily from 9am. There will also be a panel discussion, hosted by the team behind by the new AI system, on Wednesday to discuss the significant role that AI is beginning to play in society.

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