London has always held a certain sense of intrigue and mystique among international casino goers and that allure is showing no sign of slowing at the capital’s casinos. With more than 50 casinos in the Greater London area, in-person casino gambling remains as popular as ever in the capital.

While for many the nuts and bolts of going into a casino is dominated by games such as poker, roulette and blackjack, all sharing the ultimate aim – of yielding a solid return for the gambler.

However, away from the cut and thrust of the tables, being able to get on board with the latest fashion trends on the casino floor can help with the holistic experience – and if players feel like they are fitting in, then perhaps their betting fortunes will follow suit.

Dress for the hand you want…

Regardless of the rationale behind visiting a London casino, there are plenty of dress code regulations that visitors should adhere to. Here are a few hints and tips as to how to dress to impress in the casinos of the ‘Big Smoke’…

It’s important to be fully aware of the individual dress code each London casino operates by, in order to avoid the embarrassment of being turned away at the door for not having the correct attire.

In comparison to years gone by, the formality of some casinos in London has waned a little, with plenty of players popping in for a spin after a few beers, rather than fully indulging in a night at the casino.

That said, each casino has its own rules and regulations, which patrons must abide by and generally speaking, the more formal the better, when it comes to avoiding any nasty surprises at the door.

For women, a dress, slacks and a blouse, or a knee-length skirt with a blazer will generally be enough to get past the door staff and on to the tables for some spinning.

In a similar vein, men can get by with some trousers or dark jeans and a button-down shirt or polo shirt to complete the look. Shorts, flip-flops, and vests are an absolute no-go when it comes to casino fashion etiquette.

London remains one of the planet’s fashion hubs – and looking the part in any London casino should help take your casino experience to the next level.

In days gone by, London casinos were exclusively seen as gentrified establishments, targeting people with money and status. While those connotations hold true in some UK casinos, it is becoming a far more accessible arena, the British website for comparing casinos and offers Casino Gambler reports.

However, being on point with your outfit in any of London’s casinos is essential, enabling players to feel comfortable when gambling, which will enable them to focus on the task at hand – looking to earn some cash.