The exponential rise of the UK online gambling industry has been well documented over the past couple of decades. As society as a collective moved towards a more accessible and instantaneous pace, the online gambling industry followed suit, with in-person gambling being supplemented with the online equivalent.

Inevitably, all of the biggest sportsbooks and bookmakers in the UK got on board with this revolution and the advent of a casino offering as part of a sports betting offering has completely distorted the marketplace.

As much as 30% of the British adult population state they have an active interest in online gambling in some form.

The relationship between the general British public and gambling has always been relatively healthy, with no social faux pas hanging over the concept of having a punt like many would see in America, and that accepting attitude to betting has largely transcended into the online sphere.

Casino betting has become a huge part of the offering served up by sports bookmakers in the UK and it is the quick-fire, win and lose aspect of the industry that continues to flourish.

Huge sums of money can be bet in the UK on a myriad of casino games from staples such as blackjack and roulette, through to emerging offerings such as virtual sports and e-gaming.

As both the bookmaker and the punter go in search of a big return – and with limited regulations in place in terms of spending – the online gambling industry in the UK is developing constantly.

Pitfalls are par for the course when it comes to gambling and it is estimated that almost half a million UK adults have had or are currently battling with gambling addiction, most of which is linked to the online gambling industry.

There are many schemes that are being implemented by the UK government to try and regulate gambling and limit damage but the far reaching nature of it, means that getting a hold on every player that is struggling, is a sizable task.

While the facts surrounding online gambling addiction don’t make pretty reading, the reality of the situation is that being able to play online casinos websites is still hugely popular in the UK and the trend is showing no sign of slowing.

There has never been more choice available to gamblers within the sphere, ranging from which bookmaker to use to which casino game to play, punters are currently holding all the cards.

In addition to huge competition for custom among online bookmakers, casino betting is on the rise in Britain and its impact and popularity look set to continue to grow for many years to come.