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How did the Royal Oak get its name?

This year, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak has turned 50. Watch Collecting’s Adrian Hailwood explains the origins of its name

Silicon is changing watchmaking for the better

The increasing inclusion of silicon in Swiss-made watches is enabling the brands to move with the times, and using this ‘wonder material’ in high-end horology makes sense

Classic watch designs updated for 2018

The most persistent current trend in the watch industry is the practice of reviving old-school timepieces. They may look like yesteryear’s designs but they’re full of today’s best tech, says Adrian Hailwood

Five of the toughest field watches on the market

There’s no messing about when it comes to field watches – what you need is something that’s tough, water resistant, and easy to read. Adrian Hailwood presents some of the best examples around

Five of the best two-tone watches

This year, bi-metal watches are all the rage, and it’s totally understandable – why have just one colour when there’s the option for more? Adrian Hailwood presents the best two-tone timepieces of the hour

Five of the best new pilot watches

To think that you need to fly a plane to wear a pilot’s watch is missing the point – aviation-inspired timepieces are among the most iconic around. Adrian Hailwood shares some of the best new models

Five of the best perpetual calendar watches

Complex, clever and costly, there’s no questioning the popularity of perpetual calendar watches, but it can be tricky displaying so much information successfully. Adrian Hailwood picks five new models that get it right

Time moves on: watches and technology

High-tech timepieces are making waves in the watch world and pushing the industry forward. Adrian Hailwood picks out five that are leading the way

Five dive watches to invest in

While they’re rarely actually worn in the depths of the ocean, dive watches are still a popular choice, and these re-issues show exactly why

Watches: why less can be more

When it comes to watches, is the key to style down to embellishment, or is the secret actually adhering to the concept of ‘less is more’? Adrian Hailwood examines the new wave of simplicity in the watch world

You need to invest in a bronze watch

Bronze has often been overlooked in the world of watchmaking, but all that’s changing with the introduction of some great new pieces, and they’ll only get better with age, says Adrian Hailwood

The revival of the home-grown British wristwatch

What’s in a name? When it comes to British horology, quite a lot as it turns out...Adrian Hailwood explains why Smith is the one to look for, and always has been.

Are modern Swiss watches a better investment than their classic counterparts?

Swiss watchmakers are looking to the past with their latest models, but are the re-issues worth investing in? Adrian Hailwood compares the old with the new

Why you should invest in a Rolex Explorer

Rolex is reaching out to its fans with the new Explorer 214270's extended hands, but looking to older models will prove a sound investment for buyers, too, says director of Fellows Adrian Hailwood