Dive watches are now so divorced from the specific activity that they were initially designed for that the terms ‘daily’ and ‘dive’ are almost interchangeable. The necessarily robust construction and specialist features give a level of confidence for our mundane activities that only outrageous over-engineering can.

Going out in the rain, I mean really heavy rain? You might worry about a dress watch but 1,000m water resistance should cover it. Forget tracking ‘bottom time’ – an elapsed-time bezel is absolutely perfect for timing steaks; and remember a uni-directional bezel will, if knocked, only lead to undercooking, not charcoal. Creeping home late and don’t want to have to switch the light on? Eye-searing lume will give you the exact response to ‘What time do you call this?’.

Joking aside, the dive watch has given us some outstanding designs over the last six decades and this year’s crop of re-issues and tributes is testament to the longevity of such a simple, functional concept.

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