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Beth McColl

Freelance journalist and author

Beth McColl's articles

The return of Jesse Pinkman

From drug dealing in Breaking Bad to murder in new true-crime show Truth Be Told, Aaron Paul often plays the consummate bad boy. But catching up with him ahead of the release of El Camino, Beth McColl finds him full of love

"Set a goal, and don’t stop until you get there." Elizabeth Morris is a bit of a badass

Elizabeth Morris co-wrote and stars in the hitman thriller Killers Anonymous. She is currently working on her first solo feature script – oh, and a children’s book. This is a woman going places...

The Bar Necessities: Savage Garden

Savage Garden offers outlandish cocktails, delicious small plates, and a rooftop view over Tower Hill. It's a place to shine beautifully and do as you please (*within the boundaries of legal and / or social acceptability)