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In the frame: ASPENCROW

Lithuanian sculptor Edgar Askelovic, AKA ASPENCROW is inspired by strong characters and successful people – consider this depiction of Conor McGregor

In the frame: Emily Allchurch

Former sculptor Emily Allchurch splices together hundreds of photographs to offer a modern interpretation of old master scenes

Five modern artists to invest in

Investing in modern art can be a great way to turn a profit – but which artists are worth your money? Our art expert Melissa Scallan has picked out five of the best. Indeed, these pieces are so good, you might not want to sell them...

In the frame: Rachael Talibart

Welcome to our new series profiling the artists we love and you should know. Former litigator Rachael Talibart left the City to become a full-time photographer. Specialising in landscape photography, Talibart has won multiple awards, including Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018