This monumental life size sculpture of mixed martial art UFC world champion Conor McGregor is by Lithuanian sculptor Edgar Askelovic, AKA ASPENCROW.

Choosing to work in the genre of hyperrealism for its authenticity – “You cannot lie” – Askelovic’s skill is more than simply replicating the likeness of an individual: his interpretations are dynamic and exciting.

‘Atlas’ was inspired by classical sculptures of perfectly proportioned athletes and the heroic, confident poses of Michelangelo figures. In the hands of Askelovic, however, it is a contemporary depiction of a modern day warrior.

He’s inviting people to apply to be sculpted via Instagram

Askelovic was drawn to McGregor’s strength of character, his bravery, his success and that he’s largely self-taught. He respects McGregor for creating a life far different from what it might have been and discovered that he and McGregor share a credo: that success is achieved, not through talent, but through hard work and an obsessive dedication to their art.

Given his admiration for McGregor, it comes as no surprise that he gave the sculpture to him as a gift on his 30th birthday.

Askelovic is inspired by strong characters and successful people. If this sounds like you – and you fancy being immortalised – he’s inviting people to apply to be sculpted via Instagram @aspencrow.

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