5 ways to minimise your hangover

Author of new book Limitless, Nick Powell specialises in bio-hacking. Here, the founder of Stronger Self takes us through five tactics to take the edge off your hangover

Alcohol is a sure-fire way to wreck your performance, but sometimes it’s enjoyable and worth taking the hit. When you are twenty-one years of age it is easy, but as you get older, balancing fun and entertainment with performance the next day is tricky.

Here are five ways to minimise the hangover and stay at peak performance:

1. Take two activated charcoal tablets before you drink any alcohol. Toxins from the alcohol will bind to the charcoal and pass through you rather than poison your mitochondria. It is even better if you can take additional activated charcoal tablets in between drinks.

2. When you’ve finished drinking, supplement with glutathione. It is the body’s master antioxidant and what your liver uses to process alcohol. When your liver runs out of glutathione, it causes liver damage.

3. When drinking, try and stay away from beer and red wine as they contain more toxins than others.

Options: it’s best to drink good quality vodka, gin, white wine or sparkling wine. The distillation process for vodka and gin produces a drink which is purer than the other options. If you love your wine, look at biodynamic or natural wines as these are made the ‘old way’ and therefore have fewer toxins and sulfites.

If you love your wine, look at biodynamic or natural wines as these are made the ‘old way’ and therefore have fewer toxins

4. Be intentional, don’t fall into the trap of ‘it will be ok’. If you have a late night, be intentional with your morning routine, prioritise your sleep and drink plenty of water before going to bed.

5. Take a PQQ / CoQ10 supplement to help repair your damaged mitochondria and provide you with a boost of energy that will clear your brain fog.

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