Kellie Shirley really does have impeccable Me and My London credentials. 

Not only did she spend a couple of years playing Carly Wicks in Eastenders, Shirley is now tearing up the screen as the vibrant Kirsty in Idris Elba's In The Long Run. 

Plus she was born in Croydon and lives in Lewisham – so is proper born 'n' bred. 

As well as a great actress, Shirley is a great human, as her work with The Glow Walks and Bafta Elevate will testify. 

Check out her capital tips below... 


What upcoming project(s) are you most excited about?

We’ve wrapped on the third season of Sky One’s ‘In The Long Run’ – set here in London – it’s the best yet! We’re in 1986 so it has a killer soundtrack (as you can imagine with Idris Elba at its helm) neon clothes & the PERM! I think it’s out in the summer...

I’m also promoting The Glow Walks coming up in March – all hard cash goes to find a cure for dementia. 

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

I recently got selected for Bafta Elevate which supports and nurtures working class talent on screen - it’s like having a Bafta but not having a Bafta.. 

If you could change one thing about your career, what would it be?

I can’t - so I won’t! All the lows make the highs better.

What do you hope to achieve that you haven’t yet?

Er.. winning that BAFTA oh and an Oscar would be nice too.. thanks universe ;)

Outside of your family, who is / was your biggest inspiration?

I mean EVERYONE working for the NHS? The real people.

Tell us something nobody knows about you…


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My London

What do you love most about London?

It’s a different vibe from North to South, East to West. It’s creative - there’s Inclusion, vibrancy, loads of history & culture and it truly is diverse - a melting pot of everyone.

What would you change about London?

I hate it that the Tories have cut so many vital projects & places for communities – particularly for kids – I see it where I live in Lewisham – youth clubs etc gone...

Kids need somewhere safe & fun to be - especially if home life is tough. I think it would be the best way to tackle knife crime - kids shouldn’t be demonised but given opportunities..

What is your favourite London pub / bar?

I love an old school boozer! The Blythe Hill Tavern is like stepping back into the 1950s and all the bar staff wear shirt, ties and sometimes a dickie-bow - gorgeous!

What is your favourite London restaurant?

The Laughing Gravy - great name & great grub! I need to go again soon - it’s been ages...

Where would you take someone on a London date?

The Museum of Docklands is good date material - it’s on the river too so bloody beautiful.

If you’re visiting London, what’s the one thing you MUST do?

Walk everywhere and don’t get the tube. It’s a gorgeous city! 

Season 2 of Sky One’s In the Long Run is available to stream now