Congratulations on 15 years in the game! Aside from the tunes – obviously – what’s been the biggest factor in your success?

Collaboration - with each other and also all the amazing artist we’ve worked with. Not always easy working with others but when it goes well the possibilities are endless.

How do you ensure you remain creatively stimulated?

By remaining a fan first and foremost. Following other DJ’s / acts etc. Hearing new music from other scenes is always an easy way to get ideas for new music of our own. Also DJ’ing around the world is always a huge inspiration for a different perspective.

One of your first major hits "End Credits” is apparently quite a popular funeral song – were you aware of this? How do you feel about that?

We’ve had a lot of people say that to us which is a huge compliment. The song means a lot to many different people and we are very proud of that.

Did you have a moment when you felt that you’d ‘arrived’?

Not entirely. We’ve have always maintained a steady rise in our career that we’ve kind of managed on purpose. It’s helped us have a long career. We still feel like we have a lot to achieve and are never really satisfied though!

You’ve only released four albums in your career – is that a case of wanting to ensure maximum quality? Or is it more a lack of time?

Four albums in this day and age feels like a lot to us especially with a major label. Before our first album we must of released at least two albums worth of music, as well as a lot of other projects that sit outside of our main albums. We’re currently working hard on our fifth.

You’ve worked with countless artists over your career – are there any that particularly standout? Any unknowns at the time who you immediately knew would be huge?

Rihanna and Jay Z etc was pretty special. But everyone we’ve released music with has been special in its own way. You go through a really exciting process with someone when making music. Lots of high points which makes you close to all of those artists. We knew Tom Grennan would go on and do well and its great to see it happening for him.

I think attitudes are changing massively because of tragic recent events

Have you ever been starstruck?

Hanging out with Pharrell Williams was pretty nuts.

Presumably the fact you work as group makes it easier on you both in terms of mental wellbeing?

It certainly helps having someone to share the stressful times with. But that could also be your manager or agent.

Will the death of Avicii mean record labels and management will take their artists’ mental health more seriously? Are adequate support networks in place for artists who might be suffering?

I think attitudes are changing massively because of tragic recent events. But if that can help others in the future then at least something positive can be taken from such a sad situation.

When it comes to style, what are your favourite label and designers?

Naturally Reebok as a classic British street label. Also of course all the classic Italian brands that have become so stylish again on a street level. It's cool to see the style that originally inspired us on point again.

Saul, how was it curating the RTRN II JUNGLE exhibition? Presumably you need never buy another Moschino piece in your life?

Yes massively. The main exhibition is yet to come and will be this August in central London. Watch this space!!

What are your ambitions for the future?

Keep making music and contributing to a scene that we love dearly.

Chase & Status play SW4 on 26 August